Friday, January 14, 2011

Last day

Last day of work today. Hmmm I'm not feeling too sad, because I'm still going back to my boss's office every Saturday to help in his stuff. Well, I charge him nothing so it's not part-time job ;)

I've been working in his office for some years... working for him is neither hard nor easy. Well, you just have to do your part but the pressure is there especially when you meet some really, I mean REALLY nasty clients. Hey I was an office manager! It's not too easy to beat my down :P but I have to admit I'm a little cheeky sometimes... lol
Time really flies, I'm already 27 this year, if I didn't change my job-scope, I don't think I would change at all. I should do whatever things I wish to, at least I should give myself a chance to try. Hmmm nope, actually I don't want to just try, I want to do it.
I'm so sleepy...I just want to write a few words, to jot down today... wish to post some photos tomorrow, goodnight :)



Dr V said...

When I was young I learned to rollerskate. When I lost the fear of falling from my rollerskates, I learned to ride a skateboard. When I lost the fear of falling from my skateboard, I learned to ride a bicycle, and then rollerblades. Leaving the shadow of our safe places we find danger and exhilaration. Facing our natural fear of falling, we discover our courage to stand-up.

Remember, you cannot fail at anything you try, unless you fail to try anything at all.

CathJ said...

Wish you all the best and found what ever you looking for.. :)