Sunday, February 1, 2009

1 Feb 2009

I love firefox, but sometimes I really hate it. Especially these few weeks, it crashed every 10 times (approximately) I use it. Although it restores the previous sites I was in, but the feeling is like OOh Shit why it crashed again?! Holy cow, it happened again!

I didn't visit pornos, so what the heck??! I'm thinking to just stick with google Chrome next time, but well...I still prefer firefox. Will see how

Cute cup cakes to start my Day 3

and went to this Prince Cafe Kepong for lunch

Another cheongsam of mine, quite like it because the inner layer is silk and it's baby pink although grey isn't my cup of tea

Hahahaha, why hold that glass?

My Tom Yam
I hate blurrrrr photos

Beef noodles

Strawberry yoghurt milkshake


It was so sweet (I dislike too sweet) but so yum, BUT, I shouldn't order sweet beverages/desserts after I eat spicy foods, urrkkkkk, wanted to vomit after that -_-"

Went for a movie in Cineleisure

They have these butterflies decor

Well actually I don't understand why the put up these butterflies during Chinese New Year, butterfly isn't a good symbol in Chinese society

Dinner in The Bakery Moments, the famous Norwegian bakery


After you try their sandwiches, you will not want to eat junk foods anymore..
hahaha, okay, I lied :P
But their sandwiches are really delicious!! I remember they have an outlet in Timesquare
This is my Dancing Chicken (something like that)


and Kevin's what what what beef..hmmm Norwegian beef?

Huge sandwiches

I thought I coudn't finish it all but I finised it all alone and I even licked clean the plate :P

So happy ^^

the book I bought that night
Good huh?
Now I know what I can do with my scarves

Hehehe, this has nothing to do with sandwiches right? :P

Bye, I shall visit you again :)

Today is 7th day of Chinese New Year, also known as Human Day, Renri 人日!
It's everybody's birthday!!!
Happy birthday! ^^



laverew said...


The cheongsam is beautiful, grey might be your color but it looks great on you.........


Unknown said...

Oooooo...I like the cheongsam. :)

violetmay said...

Thank you Larry, I always think grey is a very old and dull color, but at the same time grey is quite similar to white, which is my favourite color. Will consider to wear more grey color, hahaha :P

It looked nice only if I sit down, that's why you didn't see me standing posing with the sandwiches, kakaka ;P

Dr V said...

Great looking food! In that photo of you, with Kevin in the mirror taking the photo...we can see how hard you make poor Kevin work to take those perfect photos of V V. hahaha Love that photo of you in the big chair, where your feet cannot touch the floor. That one is soooooooo funny!!!! hahaha Oh, one more thing, the dress looks nice too! ^_^

violetmay said...

Hahahahahahaa, I have a hard time "climbing" up to the chair, it's really huge for me, I wouldn't want to wear mini skirt if I ever visit that place again :P

Dr V said...

Hahaha Well maybe you might find a huge chair like that everytime you wear a mini-skirt. Maybe Kevin might call ahead and have the chair all set-up when you both arrive at the restaurant. Then what will you do? hahaha