Saturday, May 2, 2009

28, April 2009, Dad's Birthday!

My dad's birthday celebration in Six Happiness Restaurant :)
This blog is full of photos (mainly candid snapshots)
Enjoy ;))

Total photos: 51

Menu of the night

We have a private room ;)

Michell and Joan

All of us :)

First dish

That's interesting ;)

"Wow that's my favourite!" said Hue Ru

My grandpa :)

"I'm drunk.."


Take 2

HAHAHAHAHAA X 1000000000000 times

It's cake cutting time..
Ah couldn't be fruit cake again?!
Hahaha, told you we LOVE fruit cake :P

The happiest grandpa/birthday boy

Singing dad a song


"Oh my god!!! Could I have some cake please? Mummy?"

"Hmmm..not now?
Ooh pleaseeeeeeeeee?"

"Okay, aaarr.."
"mmmmMmmm, yummy!"

Hue Ru's mother's mother's mother ;)

I'm so tanned, so ugly please ignore my face, I will really appreciate

Family photo :)

That's all, bye!