Saturday, May 23, 2009


Didn't take self-portrait for some time, my initial intention was to snap a few photos of Sugar and I, together. Anyhow she was really active in my arm, mission failed. Took a few self-portrait instead, quite happy with the result.

I'm going for a seminar tomorrow, till Sunday. Wish me best of luck, hope the seminar wouldn't take my life--->bored to death



Mike said...

You should be happy with the results - they're great! Beyond just showing off your rather photogenic features, they show personality. At least, I hope that's your personality I see in them. It looks like someone very nice and fun.

Nice lighting and framing too!

Dr V said...

Well you should learn a thing or two from Sugar, and become very active at the seminar if you see boredom coming your way. Afterall, you're saving your life!!!! hahaha

Great photos V V! When you want to photograph Sugar next time, choose a time when she's already sleeping. She'll do anything to get back to sleep. ^_*

violetmay said...

MikeHmmm...I have few personalities, I can be very nasty sometimes, hahaha!
Don't worry as I'm a fine woman most of the time :P
Thank you for the comment Mike! ^^

Dr VI doubt if she will do anything to get back to sleep :P
Sugar is very curious about everything and whenever she hears voices she would wake up, jump up and her sleep bugs could just disappear immediately!