Monday, May 11, 2009

Serendah Day Trip - Final Part

Last stop in Serendah :)
and also, last batch of photos

I wished I could join them, we didn't bring extra shirts and pants

Went to this old village house for lunch

We really love the environment here, foods served were nice too :)
It's was Guo Wei's treat

Seriously going to Serendah for the second time isn't a bad idea at all, perhaps we can go to the waterfall again, and the same restaurant for lunch. That's all for Serendah dat trip :)



CathJ said...

Wow...nice place...would love to visit this... :-D

laverew said...

I love your short hair............


miaoyi said...

I went to the same place on the same day as you
and I saw my bunch of frens in one of ur photos!!!
I wonder where m I tat time

violetmay said...

CathYesss you should visit this waterfalls, it's a famous local spot in Serendah. Don't just go shopping or read little black dress, hahaa :P

LarryThank you Larry it's growing longer everyday :))

MiaoOMGGGGG!!! Why didn't we see each other?!
Hiyak!!! Otherwise I might have a photo of you in wet shirt and pants, kakaka :P
I will let mum knows, she would be surprised too :D

laverew said...

When it gets to long you will have to cut it again.....


Mike said...

I hadn't noticed your Piglet shirt before. Super cute!

And not just because you're wearing it.

And I'm not trying to say I wasn't looking at your chest, or that I was, or anything about that, okay? LOL

violetmay said...

LarryNope, I do what I like ;)

Mike you are super cute...I will never believe you are a pervert even if you did stare at my chest, HAHA :P

Dr V said...

Looks like that food never stood a chance of lasting more than 5 minutes with your hungry family! hahaha But I must say it all looked delicious for sure. Hopefully it tasted as good as it looked.

Since I didn't see you in the photos around the waterfalls, I must assume that V V was somewhere in that mass of people. While your family was walking along the shore, you must have been in the water taking one of those public nude mineral baths you mentioned you love so much. hahaha I'm sure when Kevin learns about your "little habit" he'll be much more motivated to join you near crowded waterfalls in the future. hahaha

Great photos of your happy family! Thanks again for sharing. ^_^

violetmay said...

No, the foods lasted 6 mins not 5 mins :P
Of course you don't see me much in photos, I have stomachache and spent an hour in the toilet! :P