Saturday, May 16, 2009

A "trick" question

I wonder how many men get the exact answers their women want (to hear) when they throw the questions like:
"Did you notice any difference today?"

Stupid man: "I didn't see any difference"
Smart man: " dress? Ah wait you cut your hair...ooh mmm...?" (Hey we are not playing 'guess n win')
Smarter man: "You are getting more and more beautiful everyday!" (They thought they are very smart)
Smartest man: "Baby are you hungry?" or "Baby, I saw a very beautiful dress yesterday, let's go and get it now!" (a good way to avoid this question, a good way to distract women)

Me, I prefer the stupid man, although I know some of the women find getting a new dress is more important ;)

Anyway I threw a similar question to Kevin on Thursday
He took a glance and focused back on his files, said: "You use blusher"
"Yes! You are right, but this isn't the answer I want. I mean something more important..a thing that I didn't 'do' for a year, now tell me what you see?" I smiled a little, because I really don't use any cosmetics when I work, but that day I did apply some blusher

He looked at me again,
"You trimmed your eyebrows" He continued his work

"OMG!!!! You got it you got it!!!" I grinned at him, didn't expect he would guess it right. I was expecting him to say "I have no idea"

I didn't trim my eyebrows for more than a year, since I work for before that day, I browsed my photos album and realized my eyebrow was well trimmed, unlike now. I made the decision and trimmed it before I went to work.

I didn't really expect he would have noticed it, trimming 'abandoned' eyebrow might be important to me but, it's not important at all as compared to his piling up high files.

I was delighted, I smiled stupidly
"Sweetheart you are a very detailed person! Now I know you don't only look at my boobies (lol) but you actually look at my face!"

See, I have the best man ;)

Photos with trimmed eyebrows
Somehow it's not really obvious ;)

My hair is getting longer too, so happy! ^^

So, what your man say? :P



CathJ said...

oh wow...he really observe.. I dun't realize too.. ^_^

violetmay said...

Hahaha, he didn't really observe, he just looked at my face for a second and he realized it! That's why I was surprised :P
I won't blame you, it's not really obvious in photos :P

Mike said...

He's a "keeper"*. But you already knew that :)

*when fishing in the USA, if a fish is too small - or not good enough - you're not allowed to keep them, you have to return them to the water. If it's a good fish though, it's "a keeper"

violetmay said...

I didn't know he is a detailed person until that day, seriously! ;)