Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm addicted to Sugar
More photos of her

Thin hands..

Basically she is very active and naughty

Will only listen when I have treats in hand

My laptop's battery is going empty, gotta go for now, Bye! ^^



CathJ said...

Next time must have hair clip for sugar already... :-D

(Cute puppy must wear cute clip...hihihi)

violetmay said...

Her hair is still short, have got to wait for another 1 or 2 months I think, hehee ;))

Dr V said...

Poor Sugar! Always being teased by treats to make her do things that she finds embarrassing. Like I had a talk with Sugar when you weren't around, and she said that she thinks maybe you're trying to turn her into a camera whore. hahaha

Sugar's really cute! I'm happy to see she's getting more comfortable standing still and giving you her attention. This kind of training is important, so keep up the good work!

violetmay said...

She is cuter everyday! Now I have a problem getting rid of this habit, she only listens when she smells treats...SIGH! I have to find another way ;)
Anyway, wouldn't it be good if she loves camera too? Gagaga... :P