Monday, May 4, 2009

Serendah Day Trip - Part I

1st of May is public Holiday (Labour Day), we decided to go for a day trip in Serendah, Guo Wei's (Joan's boyfriend) house is there. There are a few local hot spots in Serendah :)

Woke up quite early, wanted to wear t-shirt and jeans but Joan said
"Huh?! Don't wear t-shirt and jeans, wear dress, wear something nice! You know it's a beautiful place there and we can take photos!"

"Okay..." I dumped my t-shirt and jeans away, and tried to find a sun dress. I chose a bareback sundress, it has got floral printings. I put it on..

"HUH?! You shouldn't wear this one! It's you know...Serendah is not a town, don't wear too sexy"

"Okay..." then I found another dress, it's black color with some brown printings, quite nice, not too sexy, Eling woke up at this time, I told her what Joan suggested (wearing dresses/something nice for the day). Eling all dressed up (she wore a black tube top she bought last weekend, and match it with a short black skirt), we came out from the room and...

"Ooh my! Why both of you wear like this?! Serendah is a small town
I think you better wear t-shirt and jeans that you wanted to"

"HAHAHAHAHA" I couldn't help but laughed out loud
"What do you want me to wear??!"

"Yeah, I thought you said must wear dress or something nice?" Eling was totally confused

"Yes I said dress, but my dress is not sexy.
Both of you wear too sexy, shouldn't shouldn't"

"Okay..." then I went in my room and got myself a red color jacket, Eling chose a baby blue cardigan. We came out..

"I'm going to faint...are you two going for a wedding function?
Mum...mum, come and see.."

"Yeah, why both of you're wearing like this? We are going to climb the mountain in Serendah! Just wear casually" Mum was shocked

"Hahahahaahahahahahhahahahaha" my dad has been sitting there for hours, watching the drama we played, he thought we were really silly + stupid +dumb

Nobody told I panicked,
"Mum are we really going to climb a mountain?!"

"Ermmm..not really" mum said

"Nah...just waterfalls..and some temples"

Pheww! My mum is always like this, if you ate half chocolate bar, she would go and tell the world you ate 2 bars! ;P

Anyway, this was the little drama before we went out. This is the photo Eling and I took before we changed our outfits. Actually she just changed her short skirt to pants, and me...I changed it to t-shirt and jeans ;)

We went to Guo Wei's house first, and I saw Guo Wei's family portrait. Taken last year during his Master class graduation
So sweet, how come he could put his hand on Joan's shoulder? Now I'm envy, why Kevin didn't do this when we took photos?

Guo Wei has got a wide collection of toys

First stop
A temple (we visited 3 temples that day, this is temple 1)

It's a wonderful place!




Joan and Eling

Holy cow! Now you see I really wore t-shirt and jeans
For your information, I don't like to wear pants

My mum is cute :P

Guo Wei and Joan

Wishing tree

Second stop
Temple 2

Oh was closed, apparently it's a "private" temple

Anyway we saw this hundred years old turtle/tortoise

Mum's feeding it, it's really more than a hundred years old!

a photo before we moved to 3rd temple

Okay, temple 3
Wah..this is nice!

Guo Wei, telling the story behind the lions

It's no ordinary lions, it's called 麒麟 "Qi Lin" if I'm not mistaken

So cute

Lots of turtles in the 3rd temple
Maybe we can cook and make soup
You know I'm kidding

Next stop, 七星井, sorry I don't know the name in English, hee!



Dr V said...

Hahaha Very funny story!!!! hahaha

Maybe your sister Joan really wanted to tell you to wear comfortable shoes and a hat, because it would be so much walking in the sun. haha

violetmay said...

Hee, I think so ;p

CathJ said...

Great places!!

lol..girls always like that... like me 5 sisters!!!! lol.. I understand what u mean!

violetmay said...

Hahaha, yeah sometimes we will ask each other
"Hey what color do you intend to wear today?"
"Hey you will wear pants or skirt?"
"Hey...bla bla bla..."
I'm sure you understand, hehee! :P