Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Car workshop with Hue Ru

Last week, went to change my car's tyres and sport rims with mum and Hue Ru
Apparently, I'm a careless driver, because my car's tyres were almost flat and sport rims were out of shape. I wasn't sure if I was the one who caused it. Anyway it's time to change new tyres. The car workshop was clean, see, so many sport rims!

Hue Ru :)

So cute!

Her "happy 'n' sad" face

Michell and her look alike

Wait...I just realized, I didn't take photos of my car

Anyway, I wish my car tyres have longer lives this time ;)



Dr V said...

Lots of choices! Now you're ready for some "Fast and Furious" street-racing. And I see you're getting Hue Ru exposed to your dangerous habit so early in her life. I'm positive that Michell will love you for this!!! hahaha

BabyDevil said...

We have a product known as Tyre Guardian. To prevent punctures. Lemme know if u are interested.


violetmay said...

Dr VHahaha, I only drive 80km/hr when Hue Ru is with me, I'm a good aunt ya know? :P

BabyDevilHello Corynne :)
Thank you very much for the offer, I just googled it..it's the first time I heard about Tyre Guardian :)
I will sure let you know once I make the decision :D

BabyDevil said...

Sure. My friend is a distributor. The product is relatively new in Malaysia. Just brought in from Australia last year.

Btw, I am choyen's fren...muhahahah... lemme know if u are interested =)

violetmay said...

Yeah I recognized you from your photo, hee! :D
Okay, thank you for letting me know about the product, I will have my sister to contact you if I made up my mind ;))