Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy belated Mother's Day post

Just a small celebration at home, and we didn't celebrate on Mother's Day itself, but 3 days later :)
Me wrote it,
"Mama, we love you.
Happy Mother's Day"

That's Joan's idea, tying 'pa' and 'ma' using ribbon.
It's for "forever", she said :)

Happy Belated Mother's Day, we love you, Mama :)))



CathJ said...

Thats is super cool... :-D

violetmay said...

Thank you Cath :)))

Dr V said...

So cruel...tying your parents together at the neck, so they loose all their independence. Thanks a lot Joan!!!! hahaha

Looks like a fun time. It was a nice touch to allow your dad to be involved, even though it was Mother's Day. ^_^ And that cake looks delicious!!!!

Thanks for sharing V V!

violetmay said...

I'm pretty sure they will share the cake during Father's Day next month :P