Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seminar, Last weekend

Some photos taken in the Seminar in Awana Genting Highlands :)
I won't talk much about the seminar, it's organised by a Malaysian Chinese Association, anyway

Left to right
Choo Earn, Charles and Jason

Lunch time
Charles is from Seremban, he is Choo Earn's friend since years ago

This is Jason, Choo Earn introduced him to us
Jason taught Taekwondo in Air Panas Girl School (my middle school, what a coincidence LOL!) back in 2001 to 2003. I didn't attend the class, because mum thought girls are supposed to be 'feminine' -_-"
Anyway I didn't really recognize him, maybe you do if you attend the class :))

Darling Kevin

Group photo with Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat, the current president of MCA

Took a small walk around Awana
and saw this...
Jason the magician

Charles looked like Terminator in this one, hahaha

I don't have to tell you he was delighted :P

My man ^^


Going back to our room

We have got a very nice room!

Our room has got a minibar as well

The washroom is 3 times bigger than the photo

The next morning, after the second half of the seminar, it's time to leave

The man in beige color is Sim, that topless boy is his son ;)

I have no comments on the seminar, you know..I don't like political talks in my blog
Ah ya, I should have sent Jason our photos...hmm, must do it now. Let me know if you want it too ;)



CathJ said...

1 thing good about working together...can go anyway together lehhh.... ^_^

laverew said...

You had a huge room at the hotel, very nice. At least with you being at the conference you brought some beauty to it.


ps I love your hair

Dr V said...

Hey V V...I started to notice a pattern, like by coincidence people wore the same kind of yellow shirt and had a string hanging from their neck. hahaha

I hope you both had a great time. At least you could have a little get-away together. ^_^

violetmay said...

CathOoh, no la, this is a seminar, it's okay if I don't go. But I decided to go with him (can pak tor at the same time), hahaha :P

LarryYeah that's quite a big room! But frommy understandings, almost all of the rooms are this size, thank you for stopping in! ;)))

Dr VHAHA!! That shirt and that blue string with name were given by the organizer, actually you should have known, I know you "asked" to tease me :P

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