Monday, July 27, 2009

What Sugar?

You missed me? :P
I missed her so much when I was in Langkawi Island, according to my mum, Sugar behaved badly (I mean the 1st day), she peed in my parents' bedroom and pooed in the living room -_-"
I guessed she was aware of her mum (me) being away for a few days.
Anyway, other than the 1st day, she was doing fine the following 3 days until I was home.

My cute naughty baby

Huh? Nope momma...I'm a good girl!

See, I stay as you wish...




CathJ said...

wahhahahahha.... habis lah your mom bed???? hehehhehe...

sugar sooo cuteeee....awwwww....

Dr V said...

Sugar has that mean look in her eyes in these photos! She's thinking, "...yes, I relieved myself all over the house while you were gone! So what about it?" hahaha

Separation anxiety could be the cause of Sugar having some accidents around the house. When she's more confident that you will return after coming and going for more than a day, then she'll adjust. Might even be a good idea to practice leaving her and returning, so she can know she's not being left-behind when you leave her. Good luck!

violetmay said...

Hahaha, no la she peed on the floor, really naughty! :P

Dr V
I believe she missed me, because I'm the one who always feed her in the morning and evening, and I talk to her everyday. Hmm...I hope she will be OK next time I travel :)