Friday, June 5, 2009

A date with Putrajaya

I have a date with Kevin, but he has another date with Putrajaya, so we went to Putrajaya to pay Mr. Putrajaya a visit

Putrajaya is a very famous man, as you can see from the photos, a lot of people came to visit him

Ah...and that's his house!

Haha, okay stop these craps.
Kevin and I went to Putrajaya last weekend, because we thought dating in shopping malls are kind of boring and you know, he wanted to spend more time with me, something like to "compensate" my boredom for the past few weeks ;)
Our initial plan was to Seremban, but then again, it was afternoon and I thought leaving in the morning would have been better, so he brought me to Putrajaya instead :)
There is a very big mosque (Masjid) in Putrajaya, it's opened for tourists
Understand Islam by clicking HERE

I wore quite formal that day

A bunch of Taiwanese tourists wearing pink robes

We are advised to wear robe in that area :)
They have got baby pink and blue, you know what I chose ;)

See that Taiwanese guy behind?
He smiled so happily seeing his girl friend wearing robe
This kind of reminded my of my previous Bali and Thailand trips, we advised to wear Sarong to enter the temples :)

Taking off my shoes

Kevin, talking with the ladies

No women are allowed in the hall

We only could take photos outside the door

Actually the hall is bloody huge, but sad, this was what my camera could get :(

This robe is designed for tourists, as we dont' wear Tudung (scarf to cover our head and neck) :)

It looked a little bit like raincoat

Some area is under constructions

Outside the mosque

The surrounding in Putrajaya is great

Ignore my face please

Funniest picture of the month

My messy hair

We had lunch in the food court, chose Nando's

I'm loving it!
Spicy Hot Hot grilled chickens

And a very tired man

After that, went to Alamanda Shopping Mall in Putrajaya (malls again?!)

Food court again?!

...because we were thirsty after eating that Spicy hot hot hot grilled chicken in Nando's

Thank you sweetheart, for taking the effort to cheer my up! :D



Mike said...

I don't think they expected anyone to look so cute in the robes, Violet!

But what caught my eye was the tower structure of the bridge in the background of some of your pictures! Wonderful, and amazing. I wish you had taken more pictures of it, it looks fascinating. I'll have to settle for more pictures of the always cute Ms Voon. :)

violetmay said...

The bridge...that Bridge!
Of course I know which bridge you were referring to :P
Actually we didn't go to that area, all I can say is, the view from there is better, a lot of people take their outdoor wedding photos under the bridge :)
I will see if I wanna do that when I marry him :P