Saturday, October 31, 2009


My parents and I went to a Chinese Temple (石哪督庙) in Semenyih. I don't know the English Name of the temple...googled but nothing found -_-"
This temple is famous in that area, went there several times but that's few years ago, until 2 weeks ago, dad suggested to go there again.. :)
Total: 45 photos

It's a beautiful temple, but nothing like Thean Hou Temple


Random captures

Mum praying

View from the temple

Mua Giant Pineapple!

Those are real tortoises!

Everything's giant over here

Dad and mum :)


Our Chinese Zodiac ;)

Now I know why I look like a boar -_-"
But mum is nothing like it :P

Beautiful scenery

This is a nice place to take wedding photos! ^^

I love my parents :)

I think we should spend time to go out with family members from time to time, nothing is more important than your loved one :)
On the way home, we passed by a Rabbit Farm!!!
Next up, Rabbit Fun Land ;)



Dr V said...

That temple looks like a great place to spend the day! Especially when you are with people who can have fun, even at a temple. Your mom really looks like she's fun to be around. I see your dad knows both of you so well. In one photo he's off to have a super-duper long prayer, because he knows you and your mother will be spending hours taking photos. hahaha

That elephant has longer eyelashes than me! I'm always getting mine stuck in the windows or doors when I close them. But this elephant's eyelashes are really something! ^_^

Well I hope the rabbit funland is ready for you! ^_^ Thanks for sharing the smiles and laughter with us.

violetmay said...

I'm glad you enjoy the photos! ^^