Monday, March 1, 2010

OCT East 深圳东部华侨城 Part 1

Seriously, OCT East 深圳东部华侨城 made me fall for Shenzhen. No jokes..I'm not a fan of Theme Parks, but OCT East is really different. In case you're lazy to click that link...this is what they claimed

"OCT East, covering an area of 9 square kilometers at Da Mei Sha of Shenzhen, is the national ecological tourism demonstration district and the international tourism destination, at an investment of 3.5 billion Yuan by the OCT Group.

It is a combination of two theme parks, three scenic towns, four resort hotels, two 18-hole golf courses, Hua Xing Temple and Tianlu mansion etc..

Mainly include Ecoventure Velley, Tea Stream Resort Valley, Interlaken Town, Seafield Town, Ancient Tea Town, Huaxing Temple, Interlaken Hotel, Interlaken Mineral Spa, Interlaken Aqua Boutique Hotel, Interlaken Parkview Hotel, Interlaken Youth Inn, Huaxing Mahayana Hotel, Wind Valley Golf Course and Public Golf Course, Tianlu mansion etc., to fully display the harmonious coexhistence of human and nature.

Seafield Village is a town takes grape wine culture as its theme and full of the amorous feelings of America. The building based on log and masonry is warm and rustic. Series of bronze sculptures present the whole process from picking grapes to brewing red wine and reveal the amorous feelings of red wine village in Napa Valley in California USA in 19th century. It includes a series of special projects, such as Sky Strip, Seafield Theater, Self-brewing Beer House, Lakeside Food Court, Village Inn etc, thus creating a ravishing homeland dating with red wine."

Basically, it's not really a theme park... ;)
We took a lot of photos there, see it yourself!

The entrance ticket (full park) was RMB220, the ticket is valid for 2 days, meaning if you're not staying in the Resort in OCT East, you can come back again the next day. If we ever go to OCT in the near future, we would love to stay in one of the resorts ;)
We reached there about 2pm, quite late...considering we should spend 2 days there but we only have half day to explore the area.

That's the map..part of OCT, it's called Knight Valley 大峡谷.
We really didn't have much time there, our personal tour guide wanted us to follow him, he wanted to show us the place "briefly"

Random pics

Photos are nothing impressive, but the "real thing" is different

Giant Waterfall!!

Walking to tram station

Knight Valley Cable Car station

I thought it's "cable car", but this cable car is not the cable car I thought it is, it's...tram?!


Seriously we didn't know what to expect...

Moving backward O_o"

Hmmm okok..


Our tour guide

Some other tourists


The tram moved backward, in 120 km/hr.. HAHA I have no idea, it was speedy I have to bet it was 120 km/hr or faster than that

GOSH! Few blinks of eyes..

Trust me...this experience was remarkable, it's almost like a roller coaster ride, except it's not that "scary"

Zoooooom in,
That's the water theme park we missed :'(

I should have video tape it..

Just a glimpse...we're on top of the mountain

Cloud Tribe Station 云中部落

There our tour guide asking us to follow him again, he walked way too fast. We have no idea where he wanted to bring us to. I have to confess...we didn't have time to take photos, all the photos shown here called "lucky", I walked and snapped at the same time, call me an expert of Lucy the Lucky Violet (HAHAHA). Which is why, you don't see (hardly see) me and Kevin in pictures :'((

That's all for today, I will try to post more next entry :)
Now I shall get to bed because I have fever, sore throat and runny nose :'(



CathJ said...

Very nice place.. lucky you went.. :)