Thursday, October 29, 2009

My wardrobe

I used to wear only dresses, or anything white/pale colored/with laces previous years. But recent months, since I cut my hair short, I no longer wear a dress, or should I say I chose not to wear. Dresses only look nice with long hair.
Ah...I nearly forgot I wore few times during "special occasions" like weddings, dinners etc. Unlike previously, I wear nice dresses whenever I went out.

People used to ask/say:
"Hey Violet, I like your dress!" Ooh thank you :)
"You have so many dresses!" Yeah...I do
"I like what you wear!" Thank you
"Which is your favourite boutique?" I don't have favourite boutique, I buy a lot when I travel
"Where did you get that dress?" I forget which is which
"How many dresses you have in your wardrobe?" I don't quite remember, if dresses alone should be not less than 400? All scrambled together, what a mess..sometimes I don't even remember what I have in my wardrobe! It reduced a little as I gave/donated some of it over time.
"Can you sell me the dress you wore in bla bla bla photos? Let me know if you wanna sell it!" I don't intend to sell any of them right now, maybe in the future. (And I will never sell what Kevin got me!)

Even my best friends are so curious, wondering how many pieces of clothes I have in my wardrobe. My dad said I can open a boutique and sell my clothes, mum said I'm "Too Much" because I have "Too MuchOfClothes"
I was a shopaholic, maybe I am still a shopaholic, but right now I'm so sick of shopping, really tired of it. I used to buy the whole series of collections, I used to buy every colors of the same design/patterns, I used to buy until my hands couldn't take an extra bag...
I'm not a shopaholic by nature, when I was younger, my mum used to buy what I wanted, everytime we went out, she would buy my something. As time goes by, I dated Kevin...Kevin's loves to me has successfully turned me to a complete shopaholic. Everytime my eyes glanced at a piece of artwork, he would say "Try it! You might like it!" and he even encouraged me to try more. He just likes to see my surprise/delighted smile, he just loves to pamper me.

There was a time, I felt so miserable with all the shopping bags I carried, I stood at a corner and asked myself
"What do you think you are doing? Isn't this too much?"
The next minute, the dress displayed at the boutique nearby caught my attention, it was horribly attractive and suddenly I felt so wrong buying all the unwanted ones. I opened my shopping bags and checked again...No! These are not unwanted...I like what I got myself, but it would be good if the dress displayed at the boutique sleeps in my wardrobe. I like Sophie Kinsella, I read her books, I cried I laughed...the fact was god damned true.

I didn't know what I was doing; I knew what I was doing
I have to control myself.
Since than, everytime the ants of greed started to crawl my hands when I saw new collections, I shouted "STOP fucker ants, go away!" Turned my face to another direction and started to choose restaurants to dine-in. AH! Now I know why I gained weight after I shop less!
Anyway, I will still shop a lot when I travel, still buy a lot because there's no time to go back to the same place or "buy it next week".

Sometimes I stand in front of my wardrobe, feeling sad because I have nothing to wear (I myself don't understand why women always lack of something in their wardrobe). It's not funny...I don't know what to wear, I don't like to wear any of them, I only chose the one on top because there were several times I digged the one at the bottom, the whole stack fell down and I spent not less than 2 hours to tidy it up. Sometimes I wouldn't stack it back, I would squeeze everything together and close the door, the next time I open my wardrobe, everything fall, and I have to squeeze it all back and close the door again and this repeat until I have time to tidy all up. That's why, I never like anyone touches my wardrobe. What a shame, real shameless girl I am.

For people who met me during working hours, they might be surprised seeing me wearing very lousy/too simple outfits with my uncool glasses, unlike my "weekend look". I only have limited working outfits because remember? I always take the piece on top, I don't really care if the one I chose was worn out..

I admit I have so many nice dresses/clothes, and I know some of you might interested to take a peep at my wardrobe. is My Top 5
Ah yeah! I don't have time to tidy up my wardrobe, so...these are my "homeWear" Top 5!
I would start with the less flattering one
Yes? No?

What about this? No?

Well okay...this is my Top 3

See the patterns?
Ooh's a tiny little bit worn out

Heee! Maybe it's because of the washing machine?

Top 2

Some of you might saw it before, remember the photos I took with Sugar some time ago?
"Please ignore my clothes" :P
Well this is the one


And some very stylist holes..

Tiny little holes... Malaysia is hot, this little holes keep my armpits dry, LOL!!
Okay maybe there's nothing to do with armpits :P

Trying to act cool

So...are you people ready for my TOP 1?

Opps...maybe this little hole is not that 'little' at all

There's another one behind



Maybe I could wear this this coming Halloween, and put some make up on...sit on the street.. Hey I might get money from passerby!

P/S: Michell saw my Top 2 last week, she couldn't bear it and she sent me some of her home shirts 1 day later, yea!!! Now I have new homewear :P

Okay, hope you enjoyed the photos! ^^
Now I shall get back to my wardrobe -_-"



CathJ said...

Ow... I thought this was a real fashion...hahahahah...

you got me.. I think its cool.... cooling as well!! ^_^

violetmay said...


Dr V said...

Well, now that you've given us a REAL fashion show to remember, I'm very honored to make your acquaintance V V!!!!!! You're most definitely elevated to the top-level of complete women on this Earth. I'm very serious about that also! You dress perfectly in public, but are secure enough to dress for comfort at home. Many people underestimate the importance of that...but guys sure don't miss the point. Follow most well-dressed guys home that I know, and you'll find them wearing clothes that make you'll immediately feel the urge to go on the street and beg for rags for these down-on-their-luck human beings. haha Oh, and did I mention they're doctors?

I can tell you that my "comfort wear" has surely seen better days. It's the power of love that keeps them from dissolving in the next washing cycle. That's right...they're holding themselves together by the most fragile threads, because they know they'll be loved as soon as they emerge from the dryer. ^_^

So let's have another celebration to Kevin, for his excellent taste and good luck. It's not every girlfriend who is willing to just relax...holes and all. ^_*

violetmay said...

I'm pretty sure Kevin is very proud of me, hahaha :P