Saturday, June 27, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

I'm truly depressed...
I didn't feel the heat yesterday, but after a long sleep last night, today I REALIZED and ACCEPTED the death of the man who lived in my heart for so many years. MJ is no longer here, he has gone forever.. :'(

My childhood friend Siew Boon sent me a message in Pet Society Facebook, I knew the news before I read the message she sent me, but somehow I didn't feel sad, I was kind of numb, to me, it was like a joke

Until I saw the papers today...tears started to fall down, I suddenly realized the man who sang all the nicest songs has gone
This is one of the albums I owned, the left booklet was old, it came with MJ cassette which mum bought at the year of 1996, the time when MJ came to Malaysia for his 1st ever and last concert of his life in Malaysia. I was 12 years old. Mum brought my eldest sister Michell for the concert, because mum said I was too young, and Michell was 18 that year. Mum said I'll have the chance to watch his concert as I get older...but, now I know I will never have the chance, not in this life

The right booklet, I bought his Gold CD few years later, 2000, which came with the same booklet. This time I kept the booklet nicely, it's still very new, like newly bought.

The giant has gone..

I still have some of his other cassettes, CDs with me, I will keep it forever

The year of 2001, when I was Form 5, one of my schoolmates, Kien Mei (Jamie) got to know I loved MJ, she drew me this picture of MJ...

and left me a message

"I'm very happy to get to know you, because both of us love Michael Jackson. If you have spare time and want to watch MJ's tapes, you can always come to find me and I will lend you my collections. My address is..."
She wrote her address next page
Kien Mei is the one and only friend of mine who loves MJ just like I do...I remember whenever I told people how much I loved MJ, normally they felt weird and laughed over it.

I hope I will get over it as soon as possible, I love you, MJ
You are forever the King of Pop

With lots of loves,



Dr V said...

In America, everything related to Michael Jackson is flying off the shelves of stores and online stores. I myself completed my Michael Jackson CD collection this weekend, so now I have all of his music and most of his music videos. I need to get 'The Wiz' movie. ^_*

Nice drawing of Michael Jackson, and I can't believe you still have it. Your friend did a great job! Well I guess there should be a comment on there about which one of you Michael fans would have his babies first. Make it a friendly competition! hahaha

violetmay said...

The same thing happens here in Malaysia, sigh I miss him :'(