Friday, July 30, 2010

Sushi suzie

"Eeeee...why there's Sushi King receipt at the bin?"

"Err...ha...haha...." my face red

Didn't expect Kevin will see the receipt, which I threw at the rubbish bin this noon.

Let's get back to this noon.
Kevin unable to do lunch with me, so I decided I should eat something nice (well, alone). I had sushi for lunch. Weehee!

Later this noon, he asked

"I know what you had for lunch, must be McD!"

"Nope...wrong wrong wrong"

"So what did you had for lunch?"

"Ah....." I talked about something else, felt guilty to have sushi alone, lol!

Until just now, after we had dinner.
Went back to office, before we left he saw the receipt lying at the bin.
Oops... hahaha :P

So, we're going for sushi this weekend, to err...compensate his poor tummy, LOL! We love Japanese cuisine, we love sushi.

Some sushi photos we took (not too old pics)

Oops! :P
Did I make you hungry?
Sorry baby, I promise we'll have sushi date anytime soon, and I'll be your guest. Nyekehehee :P