Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant with Michell and her colleagues


Yesterday, I went to Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant in Starhill with Michell and her colleagues. Jogoya is a famous restaurant from Taiwan, you may Click to read more (Website in Chinese). They are running promotion for ladies, as long as you don't have a dick, you will get a 50% off! :D
The majority of the crowds were females

I never like buffet stye, because I don't eat THAT much. Whenever I go for buffet, I often force myself to eat more because I want to EAT BACK the money I pay. Hahahahaha :P But but, yesterday was different, I didn't eat till too full, I swear...don't know why, my appetite was good, ate a lot but didn't feel full :D

I was surprised we are allowed to take photos in the restaurant, I remember Shogun in One U, strictly no photographs. You don't see much people in these few photos, because these photos were taken after meals, before we left :)

I have photos to show you, hmmm...lots, mainly foods that I ate

Our table number :)
Put this clip in the small bowls of whatever things you want to eat (which required to cook), they will serve you later, good huh? No need to queue and wait :)

I don't eat raw meats, but...Michell insisted I must try some

Mashed potatoes with fish roe

Japanese Tofu

Seasoned scallops


Michell's four seasons platter :P

We really ate a lot!!
These are merely SOME of the foods we ate ;)

Corn Soup

Hairy lobster :P

Miss Lam and her daughter

They call Michell by surname "Voon", and........they call me junior Voon, hahaha

Miss Ng, and her daughter

Desserts time=Ma favourite
Tiramisu (the yummiest tiramisu!) and Green tea pudding (it looks like an egg)

Strawberry and peach mochi


Slurp slurp

Haagen Daaz ice cream!


Michell and I

Take 2
LOL! What's wrong withat that "peace"?

Group photo

Take 2
With flash

The promotion is until December, I don't know why they only accept Standard Chartered credit card. That day Michell's another colleague went with her family, the staff told her the ladies promotion is meant for Standard Chartered card members only. But when Michell called and made reservation, they said all cards are accepted. Hmmm, better double confirm before you go, otherwise you have got to pay the full rate, which is around RM80++ :)



Dr V said...

Yummy! Delicious desserts and lovely ladies. What more can your visitors ask? ^_* Okay, well the only thing I can ask for is a share of the food. I hope you saved some for me. haha

violetmay said...

Hahaha, I saved some for you, it's inside your fridge, go check it! :P