Tuesday, March 25, 2008

25, March 08

I'm feeling sick, I ate super super spicy grilled chicken in Nando's last night at 9pm! I couldn't sleep well, my stomach was burning hot, drank a lot of water but useless, mum should store some ice cream at home :(
This morning, I lost my appetite...
I didn't eat breakfast, normally...I can swallow a whole chicken in the morning

I browsed through my photo album, and I saw the photos that I took previously, realised I "forgot" to upload it.
These are some photos that we took last month, in Food and Tea Hong Kong Restaurant in Cheras, in fact they have a few branches, including the one next to GSC Timesquare.

They serve nice foods and beverages, but somehow Joan doesn't like the foods there :)
Browsing menu

Happy Kevin and Violet

At first, we ordered 2 main courses and a side dish, which are
sliced beef black pepper spaghetti

stir fried prawns with shredded chicken noodles

and spicy tuna rolls

The foods served were oily...but delicious! After we finished these foods, decided to order again,
stir fried udon noodles with prawns

Kevin's lemon red tea

My super star!
It's pink color, and full of chewy jelly cubes ^^

...simply irresistible!

I think Kevin is irresistible too, so I put him in my glass :P

And ooh yes!!
99 (it means forever)..our table number ;)))

My mum just called me, she is in the morning market right now, I said don't buy any foods for me, because I don't have appetite (before she went out this morning), and NOW, she told me she is on the way home with KFC (-_-")... ......

Hahaha, I think she wants a fat daughter :P