Sunday, March 23, 2008

Funny magical mattress

Just said bye to my dad's friend's wife, the story is quite funny...

My dad's friend's wife called my dad this morning

"Hello, I'm Tee's wife, do you still remember me?"

"Ohh, yeah, I remember Tee"

"Are you free around 12pm later? We wanna find your wife, I have something to discuss with her"

Deal, so my parents expected Tee and his wife will reach about 12pm.
My dad dislike waiting for people, that's why he never late for appointments. He is very concern on punctuality, we waited for 2 hours...2pm...they finally reached. But dad was still okay la, he was happy his old friend wanted to pay him a visit.

Tee's wife called dad,

"We are in a lift"

"Okay, I will come out"

The lift doors opened, there was no one else except 2 ladies with a lot of luggages, my dad didn't see Tee and he didn't know the ladies.

"Hi! Voon! This is my daughter, how are you?"

", I couldn't recognised you, hahaha!"
"What are these things? You brought your luggages along? Why didn't you leave it in your car?"

"Hahaha, I have something good to share with you!"

"Where is Tee? I thought he is coming with you?"

"No...he is at home"

My dad bet, most probably another direct selling talk/MLM.
They followed us home, and mum almost fainted when she saw all of the luggages

"Are you going to sleep here tonight??"

It's not they are not welcomed, just...I don't think there are any more rooms to put them in.

"No no no, don't worry, I wanna share something good with you, don't worry!" Tee's wife answered

In fact, non of my family members like direct selling's product, we are not anti-direct selling, just sometimes the mark-up prices are too high and not reasonable.

They started to demonstrate their products and OPP (Opportunity, Product, Presentation). They wanted to introduce a mattress which is so called "magical" and can cure all of the illness and diseases. Before that, they took a pair of black socks out, helped my parents to wear it.

"This is a new pair, these socks are designed for good health!
Do you know the famous local singer 黄清元? He doesn't have to die because of this mattress and socks! Without this mattress, he would most probably died long time ago!"

What the heck?
This is what she said, I didn't change the grammar or words.

Well, does it means I will die if I don't sleep on the mattress and wear that funny magical black socks?

She talked about ion health benefits but when I threw them questions about ions, they didn't seem to care to answer/explain (I assumed they don't really know what ion is), they just said

"That's a vitamin in the air"

Ooh..okay (-_-")......

Followed by

"This mattress and socks are so good, it helps to cure heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure...etc"

Her daughter (she told me she is in my age but have 2 daughters, she married few years ago) took a few books from one of the luggages, and showed me

"You can read from these books..." she pointed the words on the cover of those books...

"You see, you can read the cover"

The books are not new, but I'm so sure she has never read the books, why? Because I love to read and I have a lot of books, I can tell which books are new or old, the cover of her books are all old, but inside? She shouldn't lie at me.

I took one of the books and her OPP file, wanted to read and understand more on the products, she seems to be very nervous, as if I shouldn't read myself. If the informations on the file and books are accurate and the products are all so good, she should be very happy when I wanted to understand more right?

I read...actually that socks are from a hosiery company in US. The leaflet just introduced the company background and they didn't mention these socks are so magical and can cure everything. And, I didn't see any clinical proven reports in her OPP file. When I asked about this, she just took one album out and showed us the results of (after and before) using this mattress and socks.

Who are the people in the album?
They themselves, their sisters and friends.

"How is your mum? Is she alright? I've heard she is suffered from diabetes..." My dad asked Tee's wife.

"Ooh, she is still in my hometown, rest at home"

"Did she use this mattress?"

", but I'm going to bring her out and ask her to use this mattress"

Guess what, these ladies have been involved in this direct selling for more than a year (she told us), if the mattress is so good so magical, why didn't she ask her mum to use it? Is it because of her mum can't afford the price? Come on, she is your mum! and you just told us you bought 6 mattresses! Is it because her mum doesn't want to sleep on the mattress? All bullshits! Lots of excuses

By the time Tee's wife wanted to show us the mattress, my dad lost his patience, he hinted them he has an appointment with friends and should leave home in a while.

This time, they got the hint but refused to leave, they said

"OOhhhhh...really? It's okay, it's okay, I just want some time to show you this mattress. Very quick one"

Suddenly my dad's mobile rang...

"Okay, coming..."

After my dad hung up the phone, he said
"You came here late, I thought you will reach at 12pm, so I promised my friend to go to his place at 3pm..."

It was almost 3pm
They were disappointed, but didn't give up

"I will bring my 'master' (upline) to meet you someday next week, I'm so happy and glad to meet my master, he is the saviour of my life! How do you think about these socks?"

"Alright, I will buy these socks..."

"It's RM270 per pair"

After my dad gave her that money without utter a word, she thought my dad was so easy-going, so she continued

"I must introduce my master to you. I bought 6 mattresses from him, spent more than a hundred thousand! Now I feel very happy because I can buy health!"

A hundred thousand for those mattresses?
She must be insane

Right after she left my home, I almost shouted at my dad

"RM270 for a pair of socks?! I don't blame you, because they helped you and mum to wear that just now, we don't have choices but to buy from them, but I don't think this thing worths RM270. One pair of socks only costs RM7-RM15"

"I know she is not sincere, I paid to make them leave, do you think she will leave without selling anything to us? I met Tee 3 years ago, and I didn't meet his wife for 8 years, the money is just to 'give face' to my friend."

"But the mattress costs RM18,000 for one! Don't tell me you wanna buy it to 'give face'...RM36,000 can buy a car already..."

"Hahaha, we are not insane, RM18,00o for a mattress? Don't be silly" mum said

After a while, my parents left home and I'm typing this

I don't believe in them, if that mattress is that good, Are there any rooms for doctors in the future?

Want good health?
Do more exercises and eat more organic foods!


normalityrelief said...

Funny story! And I could not agree more with your thoughts. I do understand why your dad paid to 'give face' to his friend though. I think it's very honorable (even if it's a very expensive pair of socks!).
I also agree wholeheartedly with your last paragraph. If you want your body to feel better, take better care of it!
Thanks for the thoughts and the story!

violetmay said...

Hahaha, good to know you are with me dave! :P