Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ipoh Trip

These are some of the photos I took last month, 17th of February.

It was a 2 hours plus drive from KL to Ipoh, Ipoh is a very nice place to hunt for good foods, but this time we didn't try their famous local dish, Ipoh Nga Choi Chicken.

We didn't go anywhere and not to mention taking much photos on the first day because we reached Ipoh around 1opm, it was raining heavily in KL, that's our trip was delayed. After we rent a hotel in the city centre, we went for supper in Yee Mui Jie Kopitiam, we stayed in the Kopitiam until 3am.

The next morning, I got up at 12:15pm...OOH GOD! My mobile's alarm was not working (or maybe I switched it off when I dreamed), I didn't have any idea why it's not working. But I was glad we requested for late check-out last night. I left 45 minutes to shower and pack! Quite challenging huh? :P

Just woke up.

Kevin, driving to Ipoh Parade.

I've always wanted to go Ipoh Parade, we passed by this shopping mall a year ago when we were driving back from Penang to KL, didn't get in. So this time I thought to visit it.

The management arranged lion and dragon dance to welcome me......

HAHAHA!!! Kidding only :P

We had our lunch in Kopitiam Junction, or Junction Kopitiam, whatever

My mango shaved ice and black pepper chicken chop

Kevin's sweet and sour chicken chop with rice

After lunch, we walked around the mall, in fact, nothing special in Ipoh Parade...I thought it's a very nice shopping mall, hahaa!

Suddenly, I saw this...Ang Pao soccer ball! :P
Very creative!

Candid snapshot

There is a bank in the mall...
Poor bank, they don't even have money to hire a guard :P
They asked if I could be their guard...

I said...
"No way! N money, no talk!"

Me and Kevin, before we leave the mall

We drove around and happened to pass by restaurant called "Sim Gary"
Hmmm...I wonder what will be happened if the boss of "Kim Gary" saw this :P

We decided to try their food

Haa! See the girl behind me?
Met this little girl, she is 3 years old, very talkative and playful.

My fair lady and tri-color coffee

Playing around with self-timer

Umbrella and Violet

We ordered this,
Fruits Chicken chop
Acceptable...only if you are Okay with cold dressings

Kevin, reading the magazine we bought last night.
He is learning Chinese ;))

Kevin likes candid snapshots, I can do nothing about it ;))

That's all about our Ipoh trip, I would love to visit other places such as gardens or caves the next time I go to Ipoh.