Monday, March 31, 2008

Joanne's wedding

Last night was Joanne Loh's wedding, she is my ex-colleague in Standard Chartered ;)

Before that, Kevin and I had our lunch in Nasi Dagang Ulik Mayang...

The foods served were...
I didn't even bother to take photos of the foods :(

Some photos before we got in car,

Funny right?
That's why it's called a candid snapshot :P

Night time,
My ex-colleague Joanne's wedding
We didn't meet for more than 2 years
Hey, look at the camera la...

Me and her

My ex-colleagues, Siew Theng Eunyce
I didn't know they were invited!
Joanne wasn't too close with them,
Well, Joanne lived near to my house, we went home together almost everyday ;)
I was super happy to see them!

3 of us

He is Desmond Ling, well, he's my ex-colleague too, but he was in another team,
Thus, I'm not really close to him, a candid :P

Kevin and I

The menu, I like the writings so much!


Suckling pig


Bambo glutinous rice..


Champagne pouring or cake cutting, I'm not too sure,

I was busy chatting with Siew Theng and Eunyce :P
Didn't meet for 1 year plus, lots to catch up..we used to have lunch, and went to meet clients together when we were in Stand Chart ^^

Siew Theng!
She is super cute and nice :)

A super friendly lady ^^

3 of us again, hehee

The happy lady stood beside me is Wai Kuan

Baby and I

A photo before we left
P/s: We don't know the ladies on the right hand side, I only know they were in SC too ;)

I wish Joanne and her husband a happy life :)