Thursday, March 6, 2008

The story of apple and orange

Some people are really funny, they just don't listen.

I'm so sick of my friend, he talks and never listen. And even if he listens, he never try to digest what people are saying.

A silly story as an example,
One day, I met a friend, and while we were discussing about apple and orange, I grabbed an apple from the basket and bite,
I said:

"This apple is not sweet, but still can be eaten."

All of a sudden, he yelled at me:

"NO! Apples are all sour, and it's a rubbish fruit!"

I was really surprised,

"Really? Did you taste it? You don't like the taste? Actually I have an apple tree in my garden, and there is a gardener looking after the apple tree."

"NO, I've heard how apple tasted like, but I think it must be sour and full of worms!! Your gardener is a bad man because he takes care of apple trees! Oranges are better, it's sweet and full of Vitamin C, don't eat apple anymore, you should only eat oranges!" he okay?

He himself has no guts to even give it a bite, how can he be so sure about it? Who said all of the apples are sour and full of worms? Looking at the whole basket of apples and oranges, I said,

"I didn't say all of the apples are sweet, but not all of the apples are sour too, there are still some sweet ones in the basket."

This time, he defended himself again, screamed out:

"NO! All of the articles said apples are sweet and good, but the articles are lying, they never tell the truth! Apples are actually bad for health, it's bad, BAD BAD! I will never accept it, I dislike it! And you are not a good girl because you eat apples! Good people only like oranges!!"

The way he talked makes me feel so bad, it's like I said or do something hurt oranges.

What the heck?!
Did I say I dislike oranges?
Did I say I only love apples?

I didn't, did I?!

"I didn't say apple is the best fruit, I like other fruits fact, I prefer oranges than apples."

"REALLY? But why didn't you choose orange to eat just now? You should cut down the apple tree in your garden, and dismiss your gardener!"

"I don't have to do that right? Even though I love oranges, but apples are not bad, do I have to cut that apple tree down and dismiss the poor gardener to show my love to oranges?"

"You are not a good girl!!! All of the apples are bad, only liars and thieves will love apples!!!"

If you want me to choose, I'm sure I will choose oranges, after all it's my favourite fruit. BUT eating apple doesn't mean I dislike oranges, right?
I feel so tired, I don't feel like talking about this topic anymore, and I don't think I need to explain anything to him.

"Do we really need to talk about apples and oranges? We are friends, shouldn't let the long story of apples and oranges destroy our friendship."

He paused for a moment, I thought we will talk about something else, GUESS WHAT, he gave me a link to a few video clips, showing how people dislike apples and vomited after eating apples.

Apparently he still wanted to argue about apples and oranges. I thought he really loves orange so much, but what's more? He didn't even has an orange tree and gardener in his garden, he said,

"I don't have oranges, orange tree and a gardener, but I support orange! It's not easy to take care of orange tree, and need money to hire gardener, I'm not that person..."

OOh good...does it mean he is not that person who will take care of orange tree? He talked so much, but what about taking actions? He didn't even want to contribute but kept complaining all of the apples, apple gardeners and all apples tree are bad and should go to hell. -_-"


Election is on this Saturday, a lot of politicians are holding seminars and dinners to their respective areas, hoping to get more supporters and votes.

Not all of the politicians fight for the nations, but not all of the politicians are money-minded too. There are still some exceptions, it's just like, you can't say politicians in DAP are bad or politicians in BN are weird just because of one of the politicians is doing bad in either one party.

I mean, if let's say Mr.XXX is in BN, but he is money-minded and selfish, can I say all of the politicians and members in BN are bad? I can't, can I? The same goes to DAP. After all I didn't say I support either BN or DAP. (It's really sensitive)

Can you guaranteed there are no worms in oranges? Can you guaranteed oranges are all sweet? Well nobody can say apples are all sweet either. Anyway, orange and apple...I think I will choose durian. Ha! ;))