Friday, March 7, 2008

My uncle's wedding, 1st March

Last Saturday, was my uncle's wedding.
This is my uncle, ah...he is my father's younger brother

I was appointed to be the photographer, LOL! It was just because the photographer that my uncle hired was engaged with something and couldn't make it. Self-portraits are easy to me, but to be a wedding photographer...ermmm, I still have a lot to learn. Anyway, I tried my best.

Violet, just woke up, not PRO at all, hahaa! :'P

A ring to his beautiful wife

I will bring you home...

Their room

The bride (Kelly), Joan and I

Candid snapshot, the man in blue is Kelly's brother

At the same night, the wedding dinner was held in a Vegetarian Restaurant, which is located in Old Klang Road.

The happy couple, Joan & I. My younger sister Eling was absent, due to her company trip to Hong Kong.

My eldest sister and my brother-in law

Kelly and me

My sister and her baby

Kevin was invited too ^^

With my brother

Cake cutting

"Yam seng"

I think they look alike ;)))

After so many years, my uncle finally found the love of his life, I really hope they will stay happily ever after. Kelly is a nice woman, I believe she is the most suitable lady for my uncle ^^


Mike said...

You're very brave to shoot a wedding. But you did a very good job of it. I would have been so nervous I couldn't buy enough antiperspirant.

Well done.

violetmay said...

Hahaha, I wasn't nervous...because the bridegroom is my uncle ;)))