Wednesday, March 26, 2008

26, March 08

Cynthia was here yesterday, but we didn't meet because her car broke down and I need to go to the library. In library, she called me...

"You are in the library? Can you talk right now?"

"Yeah, sure"
I was the only one in the library, haha :P

Suddenly, I heard...piano melody...

I talked to her in the morning, she said hope to pick up piano lesson that she abandoned for years, she wishes to be a piano teacher.
I still remembered when we were Form 5, I went to her house, asked her to play a song for me, she said
"No, I don't want"

Hmmm..I was quite disappointed.
So this morning, I reminded her :P

And, in the afternoon, she called me and played a song named, Edelweiss, a soundtrack from the sound of music (my favourite!)

That's very sweet of her, I touched!
Well, she couldn't see it

I encouraged her to go for it, and I want to be her first student, really...piano is my favourite musical instrument :)

Thank you my dear, I'm really happy you played me that song, muacsksssss :')))

Today mum went out with dad, she asked me to cook for dinner.
No meats, just some vegetables.

Broccolis, cabbages,

mushrooms, carrots

bell peppers, tomatoes

dong fan "东粉"
Seriously I don't know what this called in English

It's very easy to cook, just a few steps :P
First, cook broccolis, carrots and cabbages

After that, pour in mushrooms and dong fan

add in bell peppers and tomatoes

Cook for a few minutes...

Done!'s overcooked...

"I think it's overcooked..."

Joan said
"Yeah, but I love overcooked foods"

Hahaha, is this a compliment?

"I will pack it for tomorrow's lunch"

She took out a container and really packed it!!!

My parents came home just now, my dad didn't like it, but my mum said it's delicious...
Hmmm, she asked me to cook again next time :P