Friday, March 21, 2008

Interview, car towed, movie

Wednesday, the job interview took me one and a half hours, mum fetched me there, and she waited in a cafe was a rainy day. Poor her, she shouldn't fetch her daughter, she has 1 Mahjong invitation and Karaoke session with friends, but canceled because of me :(

Mum is really worried and care for me, I know this very well :) She brought me for lunch and fetched me to college, because I wanted to meet my module facilitator Mr Anand about my dissertation.

I asked mum when my order came:

"Mum, you fetched me here and waited for more than an hour, now waiting for me to finish up my food, after this drop me off to college then only you go home, are you tired? Actually I could take public transport.."

"Haha, I'm used to it, it's better than I sit at home, I can always go out with my friends, don't worry"

This is my mum :))

The interview was considered "OK", just the job scope isn't what I've been expected. Anyway, I don't think I can start working on April or May, because right after I met Mr. Anand, I realised the submittion deadline is 15th of May, not September. Sigh...the last time when I asked him the same question, he told me it's anytime before September. But he didn't say if I submit on September, my graduation would be next year not this year. So I have to rush for May.

I will have to be extra hardworking in these 2 months, it's time to chase lazy bugs away, Hahaa :P

I stayed in the library till 7pm, Kevin took me from college, his drove his mum's car Wira, we thought to watch 10,000BC in a cinema nearby. Who knows...the car's engine was overheat, we stopped in a bus lane nearby Jalan Aloh, next to Swiss Garden Hotel. Good GOD! It was raining somemore. What causes a car to overheat?

I called my dad, he asked us to wait until the engine is cooling down (at least 45 mins), and add some water after that. We took water in the hotel's restroom, ran here and there for around 30 mins just to fill it up (I don't know what that thing is called, let's say it's " engine's container"). Imagine, it was raining and we only have two 500ml mineral water bottles with us, we ran a few times to the hotel to get water. It was very tiring and we didn't use an umbrella most of the time.

Finally, DONE!
We got in car happily, thought
"Haha! It's time for a movie!"

The next second...we found out the car's battery was dead.
Maybe because they rarely use the car, or maybe because we switched on the emergency lights for more than an hour without starting up the car.

It was really hilarious, I felt like laughing, I don't think I was sad at that moment, I just felt it was damned funny. We spent more than an hour to wait for the engine to cool down, and we ran to the hotel several times to get water, didn't even bother to take an umbrella, and now...the battery is dead.

Kevin was upset, he decided to call Great Eastern, they have got tow services for 24 hours. At the mean time, we ate in a Malay Cafe opposite the hotel.

The tow truck arrived in 45 mins, the rain just never stop!
I stared at the huge tow truck, started to smile...then laughed a little.

Kevin was excited too, he asked me
"Do you bring your camera?"

"Ooh my god...I didn't!!!" I extremely regret I didn't bring it.

We got in the tow truck, to me it's a very big monster car, and it's lots of fun getting in a tow truck for the 1st time of my life, but I will not want to get in a tow truck for the second time.

The car was towed to Kevin's office, Kevin's car Audi was in the office,
"Why you didn't drive your own car?"

"Erm...I don't know"

(-_-")... ......

Anyway, we didn't go home immediately, we went for a movie instead.

The movie is quite nice :)))
But I still prefer The Spiderwick Chronicles that we watched last week.

The next day, Kevin has a fever and I have got flu, funny time...