Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jewel of the Tibet, The musical

Just went for a musical last night with Kevin, the musical was fantastic, I love their songs, musics, singings, costumes, backdrops...

Yesterday was the official opening ceremony of JEWEL OF TIBET, the musical. We reached about 7:20pm, because we heard from Kevin's friend, the musical was started at 7:30pm, but it wasn't. We waited and waited..I was starving, I skipped my lunch. I thought there would be some refreshments in the lobby, apparently I was terribly wrong.

The lobby was crowded, and I didn't see foods...

The staricases to the heaven, haha! :P

Some venerable ones

The one who I can laugh at :P


Our tickets

These things are taller than me :P

Some booths, selling souvenir

We bought a CD!
It's the soundtrack of the musical ;))

Bible of the night... :P

We got in the hall at 8pm

The hungry ghost, Violet
Hmmm..still could smile? :P

The musical officially started at 8:45pm after speeches from Venerable Ming Ji 明吉法师 and Tan Sri Dato 陈志远.


Ribbon cutting

The man who looked at my camera is Dato Yew Teong Look ;))

This is a musical about the story of Princess Wen Cheng 文成公主 journey from China to Tibet to marry King Songsten Gampo. The story is more than a thousand years ago.

Princess Wen Cheng went on an toilsome three-year journey to Tubo (Tibet), she crossed deserts, went through hailstorms and snow-capped mountains, just to fulfil the arrangement of marriage to the Tubo's king, Songsten Gampo.

Princess Wen Cheng is a generous lady, she brought the teachings of Buddhism to Tubo, she was active in spreading the Buddha Dharma, and she brought her knowledges on the latest Chinese technologies in medicines, agriculture, textiles, etc. With her wisdom and tenderness, she captured the hearts of the nations in Tubo.

Jewel of Tibet, a tribute to Princess Wen Cheng, comprises of 150 minutes of original music, dance, and stage extravaganza produced by an entirely Malaysian cast and crew. It is a spectacular million Ringgit creation by Musical On Stage Production, the same creative team behind the internationally acclaimed Siddhartha the musical and Above Full Moon the musical.

This splendid musical is directed and scripted by Ho Lin Huay, with music by Imee Ooi, and dance choreography by Chan Soo Leng and Michelle Yong Soo Fon. The 40 cast members represent the best from the Malaysian pop, classical, and art scenes, including famous vocalist such as Yang Wei Han, Paulway Chew, Angel Lee, Ciang Teng, James Loong, Lim Cheng Hock, Winson Voon and Amy Wang.

From the majestic Tang to the vast mystical land of Tibet, Jewel of Tibet artistically depicts a historical epic with enchanting music and songs, intricate dance movements, spectacular scene change, backdrops and props, and over 200 sets of newly designed colorful ethnic costumes from traditional Tang China and Tibet.

I enjoyed the musical, but things would be excellent if I weren't empty stomach, hahaha! Guess what...I caught Kevin sleeping in a few scenes. He was tired la...he sleeps late almost everyday, couldn't blame him.

Some photos, after the show

The Chinese Emperor Tang Tai Zong and his queen

Princess Wen Cheng, King Songsten Gampo and Princess Bhrikuti Devi

Well, it's time to leave :)

Venerable Ming Ji was behind me...see?
Hahahaha :P
Too FAR!'s time to hunt for food
Our "dinner"

His rendang chicken, and my Tom Yam

Overall, the musical was great, I'm glad I didn't miss it :)))


Mike said...

Looks like a great time, and your shots are great. Considering you were in a theater at that range, they're amazing.

Dinner looks pretty tasty too, although I imagine at that point, you could've eaten most anything, tasty or no.

Naiwen said...

Oh where can I go to see it!