Tuesday, March 18, 2008

18, March 08

Hwei Chen (she works as a recruitment consultant) has arranged a job interview for me tomorrow, it's a marketing executive post, hmmm, I'm not sure I will like that job, ooh well...

I didn't go for any interviews for the past 2 years, but I am not nervous...weird huh?

Anyway, maybe I won't take that job, but Hwei Chen's call made me happy, she said

"Hey dear!! Good morning, I have a very good news to tell you, are you free for an interview tomorrow? Did I tell you my colleagues sent a lot of resume to the client, but all rejected! The client is choosy, but...who knows the client saw your resume today and...they want to meet you!"

"Ooh..really?" I didn't sound excited

"GOD! I thought you will be very happy, but you sound OK only?! Don't you feel happy?" she was a bit disappointed

"OOh, YES YES YES, thank you sooooooo much, I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy right now!"

"It's too late to act happy now, hahaha!"

Seriously I think she is happier than me :P
She is just too cute ;)))

In fact I'm considering to start an online business (small and simple one la..), if I'm stuck in a permanent job, I don't think I have any more time/energy for that.

I told my mum my ideas, she is so supportive!
Thank you mum :>

...But right now, at this moment... I want to go for culinary art or bakery classes badly!