Monday, March 24, 2008

A boring, weird day

I spent a few hours in the library today, soooooooooo bored!!!
It's all because of my thesis, thesis thesis thesis...

But I'm happy, at least I found what I want and I know what I'm going to write about. :)
I browsed through my seniors' dissertations, found out they did a lot of researches and surveys, right now I only left one and a half month, anyway, I'll try my best!

My lappie just couldn't get connected in college, I wonder why... Initially I thought to do my stuff in library everyday, but now, I can't. How to do research without connect to the internet? And guess what, even if my lappie's setting is fine, I still have to use the unsecured network provided by the college. When I asked them

They said, "hmmm...because we are using this" (-_-")... ......

I met one of my classmates in the evening when I was waiting for Kevin, we talked for a while, didn't meet him for a few months, he is very helpful and friendly, ermm...I forgot his name. Hahaha! :'P

After he left, another fellow approached me, his body language make me feel uncomfortable. I don't think I met him before, so I didn't look at him

He called me twice, I took a glance and I'm very sure I don't know him, I didn't answer.
"Hi, hello..."

"Yes? Is there anything I can help?"

"Hi... I... hmmm......" He gave me a very bad impression, can you just leave people alone if they don't want to talk to you? can't you?! And if people answer "YES? IS there anything I can help?" Just say it, don't make people guess! I don't think he is shy or what, he is just weird. By the way, the way he talked make me feel uncomfortable; the way he looked at me make me naked. I felt he is not friendly and sincere.

I waited for a short while, he still couldn't tell what he wants. I was impatience and...a little scared, and so I decided to neglect him, I turned back to the college lobby, well at least there were other people there. The weirdo didn't follow me, glad!

My classmate was in the lobby too, he saw me and we talked a little. Suddenly, the weird guy came in, he stood behind my classmate and looked at me, then, he walked a few steps back, leaned against the door and staring at me.

I'm not chicken-hearted, I just didn't know what to do.
I couldn't shout at him and ask him to go right? He is one of the students.
Right after my classmate left, he stepped a few steps forward, well, I admit I was unfriendly, I took out my mobile and pretended I was engaged.

I was so worried, called Kevin twice, he didn't hear it.
A minute after this, the weirdo's friend came over, they talked the language that I don't know, I just know they were discussing about me, it's bad to point your finger at someone, because they will know you are talking about them.

Finally, the weirdo left with his friend.
I guess should be like this, the weirdo's friend asked weirdo to leave.
OOh, I need to thank the weirdo's friend right. Hahaha :P

Maybe I'm overprotected myself, but there are too many bad guys and bad things happened around us...

Well, I will make a lousy conclusion: The world is unsafe, we need a superman.

Where are you superman?
It's time to get up!

Ta da~
This is called, the lousiest ending of a blog :P