Sunday, May 25, 2008

25, May 2008

Received a call from Cynthia in the morning, decided to accompany her for her physiology workshop. The lady in charge was up to something, so we entertained ourselves by taking photos :P

Both of us wore violet color, hahaa! ^^

Actually I'm 1cm taller than Cyn, somehow I looked shorter in this shot, sigh! :P

You don't see me, you don't see her, but you see an old lady sleeping behind us :P

We knitted there

Don't forget my scarf!! :P

This is how we love each other... hehee!

Food in SS2 :)

She missed Asam Laksa

And "Tong Shui"

Kevin picked me up after that, Cyn went home to accompany her grandmum :)
He bought me a new top! Nice, isn't it? ^_^
I love it so much!

Dinner in Station Kopitiam

Tom Yam fried rice and spicy fried rice
I see no different... (-_-")... ......

I wanted to watch Drilbit Taylor badly, but at the same time I thought Indiana Jones is cool...Kevin came out with an idea

"Why don't we watch 2 movies?"

"Huh?! Don't want! I know I will sleep in the cinema..."

"We never try before..."

"Come on! I've tried many times, before I be with you, I always watched movies alone, 2 shows in a day? That's normal to me."

"Hmmm...but that was only you, I mean "we" should try to watch 2 movies together"

"Okay la okay la..."

This was why, we watched 2 shows...Drillbit Taylor was interesting, Indiana Jones was superb! But...I fell asleep in the cinema. Hahaha! I was too tired, I missed a few parts, kept asking Kevin

"Eh? What happened? Where are they?"
"What are they doing?"

I will ask my brother to buy DVD, wanna watch it again!
Anyway, I think I should sleep early, SLEEPY!