Monday, May 12, 2008

So tired...can hardly type

I'm exhausted!!!

Mopping, washing, painting...painting, washing mopping cleaning, cleaning mopping, wiping washing...

Non stop for 2 days!!
My hands, oh my handssssssss
were both tortured by the detergents, Clorox... :'(((

Painful and really dry, mummy...I know why you never ask me to do house chores, I know you love me very much!

Today is the first day I work in Kevin's new office, we don't have a maid and cleaner, we've got to do all these by ourselves :(

Why do I have aching pain in my hands and palms?
Because I mopped the floor for a few times, and my hands soaked in a pile of detergent with Clorox for hours. Sigh...

Darling, you owe me a lot of movies, good foods and vacations :P
Anyway, it's better than sitting at home right? Hmmm...but I won't complain if I have more hours to sleep, gagaga...

I received a postcard from my dearest sweetie Cynthia today! She went to the Great Wall (OH MY GOD!)!!!!! I'm collecting the postcards that she sent me, maybe one day, I will have postcards from all over the world! Thank you dearest one, I really appreciate it! Isn't it sweet to know people who always remember you wherever they go? ^^v

I'm working now, I can save some money and I hope I can travel with her... :D

Call me when you come back!!!