Thursday, May 22, 2008

A day out with Cyn

Went for a movie with my dearest Cyn last night, I picked her up! But actually last night wasn't the first time I drive her out, because there was a time, she forced me to drive her car to Sg.Wang, scared her to death...

Thus, I was quite surprised when she said she's looking forward to sit in my car, muahahahahaha :P Again, this time...I made her "scream" for several times. LOL! Long to hear your screaming voice, my dear. I'm such a b*tch :P

We went to the knitting shop, she bought some yarns, intend to knit a scarf for me... ^^ Errmm...but I think it will takes long, maybe half year for a scarf, ahahahahaha! Can't blame her, she isn't as free as I was ;) Anyway, the scarf is meant to be my X'mas gift (this year), looking forward to it!

Remember the dress she gave me as my birthday gift? She has the same design, only different colours ;) She likes the dress that I wore last night, she said that looks like a nurse uniform, LOL!

Some funny shots with her
My Cynthia :P

Sexy back, hehee!


In Sakae Sushi, The Pavilion
Her expression was too cute :P

I'm a nurse :P

I like this one!

Dear Cyn,
you and your brother look alike...

We watched Iron Man, that movie was...ermm...I don't know how to describe it, go to watch it, and you will know ;)

Alright, that's all for today, today is a busy day ^^