Monday, May 5, 2008

First day of working

Oh my god!
Today was really tiring

Ahem...actually the workloads are not really heavy, I just learned some accounting stuff and have got to pick up sale & purchase, and learn how to do wills in a couple of weeks time.

I should be driving Kevin's car to work everyday, but his car is in the workshop, mum has got to fetch me to the office everyday for maybe a week or two. This morning, she fetched me to Kevin's office. I showed her the way. Unfortunately, there was one thing that I forgot...I'm actually half a road blind.

Actually I don't know the exact location of his office, or I should say...I don't know how to go to his office!
Mum is always kind, she trusted me,
I said, here here here, hmmm...there there there...hmmm...mmm...
30 minutes later, we were totally lost in the city jungle.

Kevin met us in another spot, lead us the way.
Mum went home after we had our breakfast together.

Nothing special during the day time in the office, but after work, we went to gym again.
This time, I felt much more better because more people in the ladies' room. ANYWAY, I'm not going to shower there anymore, it's so...unsafe. And, no doors in the showering area, they use curtains.

I'm worried, who knows there are female sex maniacs in the room? Perhaps they will come in and give me a big hug when I am showering? (kidding, I'm thinking too much). The only thing that bothers me is...I'm so afraid of cameras, worried somebody will bring in cameras and take photos of me or anyone when we are showering. Why I'm worrying so much? Come on, they use curtains in the showering area, AND, I always have a camera in my handbag, so I assume most of the people also bring cameras or mobile together whenever they go, it's just too common. Now, you can laugh at me!

1st, I'm not shy, I just don't want to be one of the victims who become very famous with XXX photos in the internet or newspapers
2nd, I go home straight away after my work out, so what's the problem with sweaty t?
Hmmm...alright, maybe I will still need to use their shower room, in case Kevin wanna take me for a nice movie or dinner after that. Hehee :P

I have so many thoughts!
Silly violet

I discovered one thing...
no life after work

but no work = no money
Ermmm...actually no work is not equivalent to no money

Well well well...
I think working for someone that you love and care is a good thing, isn't it? :)

It's time to sleep, nitezzzz all!