Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thesis problem solved

This week is definitely a busy week, I went out for lunch with Kevin and his dad's friends, an entrepreneur and an architect yesterday. Both of them are over 50 years old.

In fact, the objective for meeting up was very simple, if you remember my thesis...non of the hotels allowed me (or anybody) to do surveys in their hotels, so this entrepreneur Mr. Wong has got a friend, who named Joe.

Mr. Joe is an architect, he has a lot of friends in hospitality industry, so Mr.Wong introduced me to him, asked him for a favour...this was why, we met up for lunch. Our appointment was set at 1230pm in Mr. Wong's office, but Kevin and I were late!! It was all because of Kevin, hmmmm!

I drove Kevin there, 120km/hr...not a good practice, won't do it again (hopefully). That's very cute of Mr.Wong and Mr.Joe, they thought...

"So you are the lady who wants to interview the general manager?"

My mind was blank, apparently they misunderstood, they thought I wanted to interview the general manager. Hahahahahaha! I laughed out loud :P

Mr.Wong has a chauffeur, he drove us to a hotel which is located in KL area (not going to tell you which hotel). Mr. Joe introduced me to the hotel manager, she is a lady. She browsed through the questionnaires, said:

"Should be no problem, when do you want to do it? Today?"

I was soooo happy!!!!!
I don't have to worry about my thesis anymore! ^^

I really need to thank Mr.Wong and Mr.Joe! :D
And not forgotten, Kevin's dad. Actually Mr.Wong is Kevin's dad's client, they know each other for years :)



Mike said...

Great news, Violet!

It's great having friends in the right places.

violetmay said...

Thank you Mike! ^^