Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to my DEAREST KET!!!

Today, ooh NO!!!
It's already half past twelve!!
I really wanted to make an entry on 7th of May... :(

It's okay, I still feel so...7th of May now
Happy happy birthday to KET! ^^
I have too many photos I can't wait to share!

Now, I shall start the story with Anis, the story of my VIP will go later ^^
Actually, Anis's birthday is today too, we celebrated her birthday in the office...
Ta da~

Kak Hasnah bought her a cake...
She is only 1 year older than me, a law student

Anis manis, hehee!

Wati, Kak Hasnah, Ayonnce and Anis
Ayonnce said
"I'm Beyonce's sister, hahaa!"

With Dil

Anis and Violet!
Why I looked so pale?!
Wondering wondering...

They LOVE to take photos too, actually I didn't bring my camera today (forgot), glad Anis brought her camera, they kept asking me to take photos of them, and asked me
"Violet...why you didn't bring your camera today?!"

It's not I don't want to bring, I'm old...I forgot!

Kevin's mum :))
A fine fine lady

Who's missing here?

The answer is..Kevin and his mum ;)

Alright, enough for Anis, now, we shall proceed to...

After worked, Kevin picked up my friends Wai San and Kim Wai from Jusco and dropped us off in Feeling Cafe, Hwei Chen joined us few minutes later, and the VIP for the day is, Miss Helen Thang! She was late for an hour, hahaha! It's her day, she is the Boss ;)

I made her's a knitted hat.
You can see from the photo above :)
If you think I'm going to blog about her birthday today, you are very wrong.
BECAUSE I just got home, and I took lots of photos just now, I don't have time to arrange them! Well I can just post and run, but...I want to make sure the photos that I post for Ket are the best one!
SO...tomorrow, I will post photos of her big day.

It's 1:11am, my bed time!
See ya tomorrow :D


Mike said...

Okay, I gotta ask: the cake - was it as tasty as it was pretty? What flavors? Details, Violet, details!!!

violetmay said...

It looks like a chocolate cheesecake, but actually it's a sponge cake. Ermmm, I would say, it looks pretty but it was not as yummy as you thought it was :P