Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Don't think too much!

Good, finally I get to online in the office

Kevin's dad doesn't intend to hire new staff in the new office, he decided to transfer some chambering students and staff to work with me. There are some problems, such as the location of the office is in Kepong, there's no direct trains to this place. Most of the staff and students don't drive. So his dad suggested them to wait me in the train station near to my house every morning, and I was appointed to fetch them to the new office.

...the first day, which was on Monday. A Malay chambering student was here with me, I liked her so much, because she is friendly. But there is one thing I would like to point out, her SMS were non stop. Not much work in the new office except faxing and mailing the branch address to the existing clients, it's boring, I understand. I don't blame her.

But yesterday early in the morning, she sent me a message, saying she's sick and couldn't come to work, so I came to the office alone, glad Kevin didn't have cases, so I wasn't alone. By the way, she looked so "healthy" on the first day.

Then last night, I sent her a message, just to see if she's still sick or what (I wasn't sure she was really sick or pretended). Anyway, I waited for a few hours, no reply from her...

1030pm, I called her.
No one picked up the phone call.

Few minutes later, somebody called me

"Hello, I'm D's friend, she is sick..."

"Ooh...I see, is she okay now?"

", she is still sick"

"I'm fine if she wants to take leave, just let me know if she can come to work tomorrow, if yes then I will pick her up in the morning"

"I don't know la...because she is sick right?"

"Yes, I know she is sick...I want her to rest more too, so tomorrow, she won't come right?"

"I don't know..she is sleeping"

"Okay, just ask her to send a message to me tomorrow morning"

COME ON, I won't bother to sms or call her if she goes to office by herself, but I should bring at least a staff to the new office everyday, the KL office has so many court cases this week, I can't transfer too many people at a time. And by the way, maybe the girl will feel alright by then right?

This morning, no messages from her, I assumed she's still sick and couldn't even lift her phone up to reply or give me a ring. Oh my god...I remember I went to shopping last year when I have a high fever. Hahahahahaha, we are so different!

When I was on my way (mum will fetch me to office for the whole week, she feels she should fetch me at least a week), the student called me. I was surprised, thought she was waiting for me.


"Hello Violet..." male voice,
no no no, a coarse female voice


"Yes, I'm still sick..."

"Ooh I's okay, do rest more, I will informed Mr. Koo, sleep more, get well soon"

I hung up the phone
"Who is the guy?" mum asked

"Not a guy, D just called me, I think she has sore throat"

"Huh? She is still sick, she looked very okay that day right?"

"I don't know la...but I prefer her to stay at home, she has sore throat and flu, I don't want to get infected...If I'm sick, our whole family members will get infected, Kevin will be sick too"

She is really sick, didn't lie!
This is why, sometimes thinking too much is unhealthy, life can be so worry-less if we don't think too much or judge too much :P

Anyway...I was once very lazy (few years ago), I purposely woke up earlier and called my boss
"I'm sorry...I can't come to work today, I'm sick..."

Then my boss believed because of my coarse voice
Most of our voice are coarse/sick in the morning right? I used the same trick for a few times to different people.
Ooh my god! I just told you my secret!!! I don't think I can use the same trick again, if not...nobody will ever believe me again when I say I'm sick :P

My...I'm thinking too much again