Friday, May 30, 2008

A joke

First, I wanna say...

I'm very sick, in fact I've been sick for the past week. I woke up few times in a night, couldn't sleep well. I told my mum I suspected myself have urinary tract infection (UTI), she was very worried, because she often has this problem, there was a time...she went to hospital because of this. Mum forced me to see doctor last week, but I was stubborn, I thought I will be fine as long as I drink plenty of water. Until few days ago...I woke up from sleep and I felt too painful...I couldn't sleep. Yesterday I took my mum's advise and went to see doctor. Today, I'm Okay, but still a bit painful...I hope I will be fine very soon.

Okay, enough for that, now I'm going to tell you a joke, a very funny one

My dad went to buy lottery last Sunday (My parents told us just now), my dad saw his friend in the counter. My dad approached the man, and started to pinch his buttock for a few times (continuously). HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I just don't understand why my dad didn't give a tap on his friend's shoulder instead. But then, the man ignored my dad, didn't look at him. I'm very surprised the man didn't shout at my dad and say STOP PINCHING MY BUTT!

My dad didn't give up, this time he pinched few more times...finally, the man couldn't stand it. He turned back, looked at my dad...

"Ah...I'm sorry.
I thought you are my friend..."

My dad almost fainted! The man wasn't his friend!!!

The man looked frightened and ran away!
My stomach is very painful...I laughed too loud! That poor man...I'm sure he was scared to death, thought my dad is homosexual :P