Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ho ho ho, violet - good driver, Didi's birthday!

I'm not giving up!
I'm a very good driver today, I would rate myself 8 out of 10

Seriously, be frank
I drove automatic gear today, thanks to darling

I practiced for an hour in the housing area around my place, after that, I drove to the office! No emergency break, I didn't hit anybody's car or kill anyone. LOL!

Kevin's dad said:

"Drive SLOWLY, even if you hit their car, it wouldn't kill them"

Hahaha, he is right, I was too worried last night, I should have practiced a few times before I made a move.

Anyway, things are fine today, except for Kevin, kept teasing/disturbing me when I was driving, Hmmmm!

Michelle and Michael celebrated Didi's 1 year old birthday this noon, actually Didi's birthday is on 14th of May, but it's weekday, all of us need to work. Thus we decided to celebrate today.

These are today's photos :)

Hello, I'm the birthday boy

I'm the boss, for today

Hmmm...mummy said I'm no longer a baby :(

But Poh Poh said I'm always her baby boy ^^
I love Popo! ^^

My aunts love me very much!
Because I'm their one and only nephew, hehee!

Meet my cousins,Missy and Mrrie
They love computer games

I like to sit on papa's laps and watch TV show together

My aunt and my sister Hue Ru
My sister is only 29 months old
That CJ7 toy was mine, but it's her toy now

Sigh...what can I do?
Mama said I'm a boy, toys are for girls

Forget about the soft toys, my hobby is crawling,
I crawl...

and I crawl...the maid Kakak is watching me from behind, looking after me, thanks Kakak
Hmmm, my mama is here!

Why they like to take photo with me?

They always say I'm cute...
Bluekkkk, I'm a man, I don't want to look cute, I wanna looked smart!

Is this angle smart enough?

Today is my birthday right?
Where is my cake?

I must go to get it!!

Sigh...Papa asked me to wait for a while, okay, I will wait

I think crawling is my papa's hobby too
Let's crawl to my cake!

ISn't it cute?

Didi is my nickname, you can call me Wah Kong if you like ;)

My happy family
Blurr pic, but I just love this photo!

Aunt, I don't want to take pictures anymore,
I want to eat cake, I'm so hungry

Okay...I know all of you love me

A photo with my auntie

My sister asked mum, what is this plastic knife for?

Oooh yeah!!!
It's for cake cutting, we forgot to cut cake

"Give me a plate!!"

"Can I have a slice of chocolate walnut cake?"

Now I know she is very hungry, okay!
I'll use my little finger to cut cake

Argghhh, it doesn't look good!
Don't tell mama what I've done pleaseee

Even if you tell my mama
I'll not be scared, bluekkk, I know my aunties are always with me

I have 3 lovely young aunties

I'm a prince in their hearts
Mama loves me, papa loves me, aunties love me...

My sister is a princess in papa and mama's heart too

Mama and my aunt are using the same model of camera!!!
Aunt took my mama's picture and mama took her photo at the same time

My aunt looked silly, hahaha

I'm so sleepy...I better sleep now

Goodnight, bye byeeeee