Thursday, May 8, 2008

KET's birthday

Okay, I'm going to post lots of photos today, ooh can't expect me to blog much because it's already 1130pm, my bed time.

It's very hard to believe I actually slept around 2am last night and able to get up at 8am today, maybe you always wake up early or used to sleep less than 8 hours everyday, but TO ME, this is indeed a very big deal.

Come on...I won't get to focus on everything if I do not have enough sleep, sleeping is too important to me. SIGH! I know, we only have 24 hours everyday :(

This is what I've been doing for the past few days, ermm...actually not the past few days, should be a past few weeks before I engaged with work. Ket loves to travel too, I guess a knitted hat will make her smile :) I've never knitted a hat before, I was kind of worried before I started to knit it, so I chose a simpler pattern. Hmmm...going to make one for Cyn, she needs it. AND by the way, her B'day is coming soon too, hehee! ;)

Yarns that I chose

Double lining

The B'day girl ^^

Guess what, I went for a dinner with Kevin's friends, 2 ladies and a gentlemen, I'm so sorry, I forgot their names, I only remember one named Elaine. Anyway, no photos of them, today was the first time I met them. They are extremely talkative and...quite friendly... Haha, actually I just wanted to tell you, I met Ket in KLCC!!! It was unbelievable! We just met last night, and today we saw each other again, what a coincidence! She and her hubby were wearing yesterday's clothes, she was embarrassing...but, actually I don't wash my clothes every time I wear it (if the clothes aren't smelly, I can still wear for the second time before I wash it right? The color will fade faster if we wash it too often...LOL! What a LAME excuse it is) :P Well well well, you can choose to run away from me or neglect my gathering invitation. AHEM! Anyway, I smell so good even though I don't shower and even though I'm sweating. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I'm SUPER THICK SKIN

I'm out of topic again, sorry boss...
We celebrated Ket's Birthday in Feeling Cafe
Nice place!

Wai San
I should take a photo of her skirt, her skirt was very short, muhahahaha!

Kim Wai
I'm so happy she didn't have to go for a date with her boyfriend last night
Thank you for your time sweetie, I know you have got to work till 8pm everyday (I was the organizing chairman for Ket's B'day :P)

Hwei Chen
After work, she went home and showered.
She joined us late,
All of us went there straight after work expect her, we were all sticky but she...she was just...just to FRESH, kinda jealous, HMMM!

We ordered Jasmine tea and Rose tea, refillable! ^^

Cute glasses ^^

Foods that we ordered
Mushroom chicken for Kim Wai

Honey fish and chips, Wai San

Cheese and Ham chicken chop, MINE
Looks great right?
But the taste is quite strange...hehee

I expected Ket will reach at 8pm, as she said so, usual, she was late again. She late for an hour! But it was her day, so I didn't punish her to kiss on my lips. LOL! I can be really crazy in front of my friends, Ooh...Cynthia, you took my first kiss!

Ah Ket and Ah Foo

The waitress was so nice and sweet, she helped us to keep the cake and took it out when I said the magic words...

"More tea more tea, can you refill our rose rose and jasmine jasmine tea?"

See, she took the cake out after I said the magic words

It's a blueberry cake!

The singers in the cafe sang her a birthday song...(I forgot to take their photos!)

"Come on, make a wish!"

"I........I'm hoping my Prince Charming is sitting in front of me!"

Ta da~
Here he is, Miss Helen's Prince Charming, Ah Foo!

" don't have a white horse!"

Sorry boss, I'm making fun of my friends again :P

Ooh gosh!!!!
Who cut the cake?!
No..I'm not going to tell you Ket was the one who did it :P

Wai San and Kim Wai gave her a bag, I thought I took a lot of photos, where are those photos? I just realised I was using her camera for photos, because my batteries were running low. So actually I don't have too many photos to share.

I think the hat is very nice... :)

This is what happened when I wasn't the one who took the photos :P
So blurrrr, Hwei Chen I'm going to munch you alive!!!! You'd better run now!!!

Seeeeee, it's very clear right? Hmmm!

Wai San loves this photo so much ;)
She likes this angle


"Aiyo, don't hide behind me la dear, my size is bigger than yours, hahaa!"

Dearest Cynthia, all of us are waiting for you patiently, when are you coming back?!

Last but not least,

Ket, you are always in my heart, when I was invisible, you were already there with me :)
So many things you have forgotten, but I will never forgot what you have done. I cherish those days, thank you very much for being there with me :)

Love you as always