Sunday, June 22, 2008

Family day

Last night, I bought my family members dinner by using the balance of my 1st month salary (Not much left), hahaha :P

Actually I just gave my mum some money for her to buy some foods home, didn't dine-out. Ah, it was because few of us weren't feeling well (cough, sore throat...). So...babies are here ^^

Not much, just some photos ;)

My favourite girl

My favourite boy

Play with me...

Kevin bought us a cake, it's German cheesecake
Looks fantastic! Isn't it?

My papa loves cake, just like me ;)
OMG! I thought I just mentioned that I won't eat any cheesecake for these 6 weeks?
(-_-")... ......
Anyway, I ate 2 slices..erm..

爸爸快乐 :)