Monday, December 29, 2008

Aravind's Birthday

The birthday boy, Aravind :)

23 years of!
23 years ago I was 1 year old, and I'm turning 25 next month

Aravind's friends
Shahira and her boyfriend Paolo from Italy

The man in yellow is Kevin Wong, and the man in black jacket is...erm, I forgot

The birthday boy and I :)
Aravind looks like a small kid, hahaha

3 "wins"
Kevin, Aravind, Kevin

We love to take photos ;)

It was a small birthday gathering, Aravind's mum cooked some foods and it's more like a gathering than a birthday party :)


Kevin and Aravind's friend,
hmmm wait...I think he is Kevin's friend too

Photos before we left

Aravind, may all your wishes come true! ^^



Dr V said...

Happy Birthday Aravind! Looks like you had a party full of smiles, good food, and non-stop camera whoring. haha Thanks for sharing. ^_^