Monday, December 15, 2008

Kelvin & Yee Li's wedding dinner

Attended Kelvin and Yee Li's wedding dinner in One World Hotel, 7th of December right after my graduation ceremony in Palace of the Golden Horses last week.

Basically, I don't know them.
I mean, we don't know them.

I saw a very nice wedding invitation card lying on the floor near my office 2 weeks ago, together with a location map, they begged me to pick them up!

I'm such a nice lady, I picked it up and realised the wedding dinner is in One World Hotel! The glamorous hotel which is next to One Utama. So I thought we can bring this invitation card and just GO! :P

Erm, we were invited okay? With this invitation card
Nice, right? ^^

It's a velvet card

The location map

Seriously I was really nuts, what if people caught us on the spot?
Hey I swear Kevin and I don't know either Kelvin or Yee Li, no jokes!

Do you have guts to do this? I mean going to people's wedding dinner "blindly"

Well, we don't, I don't know Kevin, but I don't

Yeah...I lied again.
But, I'm serious when I said we don't know Kelvin and Yee Li...and they didn't invite us to their wedding dinner
Kevin only knows his dad

Not funny?

Just laugh...otherwise I will....

Okay, Kevin's dad and Yee Li's dad are friends, Kevin knows Yee Li's dad because of his dad, but Kevin didn't know Yee Li. Kevin's parents were invited to the wedding dinner, but they have something up that day, couldn't make it and so we were asked to represent them. This was why I said, Kelvin and Yee Li actually didn't invite us ;) Anyway, Yee Li's dad was happy we came over to his daughter's wedding :)


Before the dinner started

I was wearing a black chiffon dress
I don't really like black dresses, I won't buy unless the cutting/design is good. But this one..after I put on few kgs, I don't look as good as previously. In fact, I was a little regret, I looked bad that night :'(

It was a grand wedding dinner


Me, I was really tired after the busy morning and noon time

Table setting

Souvenirs to guests
What's inside?

It's something like candle, but it's in gel form. I don't really know what that is, but one thing is for sure, it's not edible :P

chocolates ^^

The ball room is nice :)

and the crystal light

On stage

Bridesmaids are all in apple green! ^^

Unlike other wedding dinners, the cake cutting ceremony was the first in agenda that night

Food presentation after cake cutting,


Some boring food photos, as usual
And you will see the boring Violet later :P

They use kiwi to decorate the plate, not cucumber ;)

Wine toasting

The groom, giving his thank you speech

Meet my new friend, Betty
She is a very lovely lady!


Us two

The boring Violet wasn't that bored, she walked here and there to snap photos :P
Or, I should say she walked here and there for Kevin to snap her photos?

With the bride, she is so small! I mean she is quite "mini", and she looks younger than her age ;)

X'mas X'mas

More Christmas photos will be up, soon :)
Night night! ^^



Nixo said...

What do you think about my sister's wedding? How's the food? lol i found this blog using google ;) i was bored.......

violetmay said...

Ooh my!
Hahaha, so I guess we "met" that night? :P
Your blog layout is so cute! ^^