Friday, December 5, 2008

Last day in Bangkok

Basically, only photos and photos, we didn't go any special places (I mean floating market that I wanted to go, because we need 2 hours just to go there, didn't think it's a wise idea to go on that day), just stayed in the city center, snapped photos and went back to hotel to until the check-out time.

Breakfast time again, the same breakfast set

His very own sandwich

Haha, mee just woke up :P

It was our last day in Bangkok, no harm to try tuk-tuk

Bangkok is a city full of excitements

Random photos

Public vehicles in Bangkok are colorful, majority of their cabs are in vivid colors, such as shocking pink, green+yellow, baby blue, orange...which you can't find it in Malaysia

That's my new dress, bought in Nana, 250 baht

Violet in front of Violet

Saw this Violet in MBK (If I'm not mistaken...didn't go in anyway, I'm not a shoe-hunter)

Checked out,
in the Suvarnabhumi airport

We tried this R Burger

Actually it's something like Baozi, I don't like it although it's healthier (don't ask me why it's healthier, I have no idea. It's just what they said)

Tau foo nuggets

"What a so tasty"...hahahaha!
But why "Sounds good"? I don't get it

Sigh, my baby is cute, I also want a photo like this


Kevin, reading the Thai book he bought just now

Next time, we will speak Thai in Thailand, and ask for more discounts on items we want to buy, hehee! :P


Bye Bangkok, I will come back soon..hehee, actually not that "soon" :P



Dr V said...

Great photos of Bangkok! Photos usually turn-out well, when the photographer has a favorable love of the subjects.

But why did we have a photo of Kevin eating his R Burger, with a little sauce on his face, but we don't see ANY photos of Violet with sauce on her face? HUH? HUH? Sooooo not fair!!!!! hahaha

violetmay said...

Hahaha, because I wiped it away :P