Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Convocation

Finally, after so many years..

My graduation in Palace of the Golden Horses, 7th Dec, last Sunday

It's a big day to a lot of people, it's just like a weddings, people invite their family members, friends and some even invite their relatives uncles aunts...to me, it's like my birthday.

I don't invite friends, never "ask" people to celebrate with me, if they remember my birthday, they will call and we will come out for dinner. If they don't, it's okay, as long as I remember their birthdays. I'm a little weird :P

Hehe, now you know I didn't invite my friends that day ;)
Joan wanted to come badly but unfortunately she has Japanese exam, Eling was in Johor, brother was working. I was fine, it's just a graduation ceremony

I only invited my parents and of course, Kevin
Me, early in the morning

Reached there about 9am, registered and all that.
My mum, photographer of the day! :D
Kevin reached about 12 plus, because graduands only have 2 tickets for parents

That's the Cheongsam I bought for her in China last year, I have the same one, same color same design, only the sizes are different

In the hall, actually we are not allowed to take photos in the hall, but, WHO CARES? :P

Professor Nigel Hastings, from Nottingham Trent University

People who sat next to me are, Azian and Swee Eng
FYI, I brought 2 cameras, my mum kept one and I kept another one inside my pocket

Fanny, me and Bridget

The graduands

Somehow I looked like a turtle..
Yeah, my head is big and my neck is short :P

Candid from mum's camera, I was tying my hair

After the ceremony, when people were busy taking photos with lecturers, professors, board of directors, minister etc...guess where were we in?
We went to EAT

After we finished our 3 or 4 round of foods (lunch buffet), majority of the people were gone, including graduands
I was brilliant, right? I missed the most important part including group photos and all that.
It was like I was there to eat, hahahaha

Nah...actually I wasn't regret :)
My parents were hungry, sitting there for few hours so I was the one who suggested
"We go to eat first, photos after meals"
See, they were very happy, if you ask me to choose again, I will still say the same thing

My Kevin was hungry too, he skipped his breakfast

The yellow one wasn't cheese cake...it's DURIAN CAKE!!!
It was so delicious, me and my parents ate so much of this "thing" until we wanted to puke and have difficulties to breath :P


I met Azian in the restaurant, Kevin thought she is my lecturer...
It was too hot, so she took off gown and mortar board

Random photos
Palace of the Golden Horses is a beautiful hotel, my parents plan to spend there for a night or two, hahaha

Two pictures eyes and a sofa mouth :P

It was so last minute, Kevin bought this flower for me, not red roses :(
But, he got me something else to make me smile! ^^
Will show you later


Photos are mainly with my parents and Kevin, as I said earlier, people took photos before they eat but WE were different. When we were busy eating, people were busy taking photos, so by the time we finished our meals, they came in and started to EAT. The hall was so empty, hardly find my course mates to take photos with :'(

But I was really happy my parents and Kevin spent hours to accompany me :)

I found Swee Eng!
But she has already returned her gown

And then I found Siew Fun!

And, and I saw Erin was there too ^^

Walk to the other side of hotel to take photos :)

Horsies, horses, why aren't you in Gold color? :P

X'mas is coming!

Now you know what Kevin bought me...a Cat!
Hahaha, but it's not a real cat, it's a soft toy from Russ, Make Someone Happy :)

I love my Kitty White..
HAHAHA!!! I'm not good in naming, I think Kitty White is a cute name :P
Just like my Sims, I name my Sims Orange Citrus, A Bu Ne Ne, A Bee Boo...names like that :P

My parents left, these are some photos before I returned gown

I met Erin, surprisingly she was still there! ^^

It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes... :P

That's all for my convocation..

Where were you that day?

I'm now looking forward to my family photo taken in studio last week, I got my gown and everything last week, and my sister suggested to take a family photo in the studio nearby my house. Hmmm, I hope I don't look too "Yikes" ;)



Dr V said...

Congrats V V!!!!! Thanks so much for allowing us to attend your graduation ceremony through your photos. I'm pleased to be added to your guests, along with your parents and Kevin. You look really smart and beautiful in your cap and gown...and diploma! ^_*

The location was really beautiful, and I really loved the "horsies." haha Glad you and your family didn't get trampled by those fast-moving horses, because they looked like they were in a big hurry to go somewhere. haha

Tell Kevin well-done on the flowers! It's great to do something original, and something that suits you. The cat was a great extra-touch, although the poor kitty looks sad about the choice of names. Or, maybe your kitty was just bewildered by all the big 8 syllable words that all you smart graduates were using that day. haha By the way, my first cat was named "Kitty." haha

Finally, I am really happy you decided to attend your graduation ceremony. Even if you had other plans, and everyone couldn't be there to share the day with you...it is still an important memory that you will share with your children one day. For what it's worth...you made me very happy Violet.

Congratulations again!

Dr V said...

One thing though...durian cake? NO WAY!!!!!! hahaha

Mike said...

Thank you for taking us on your graduation journey, Violet! Congratulations, bravo, well done, cheers!

violetmay said...

Thank you very much Dr V and Mike!

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Miss Violet!

I'm sorry I haven't been following your blog too closely these days. I've been very busy. I'll probably have more free time after the holidays. Glad to see you're doing well. :)

violetmay said...

Thank you Mr. Burnt, it's always good to know I'm not forgotten :P
Happy holiday! ^^