Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas dinner

Went to Christmas dinner in a church today with Kevin, Leo (his brother) and his dad.

I seldom wear the combination of red and purple

It was a rainy day..

I swear it was raining, but somehow it's rather sunny in these photos..

These are the umbrellas people left before entering the church, see, if it wasn't raining, why people bring umbrellas? :P

Welcome to the Home of the Eagles

Really...lots of people

Door gift

Merry Christmas! ^^

Let's take a look what's inside? :)

Hmmm...cake, not turkey

P/S: I'm sorry, I didn't know we are not allowed to eat in the church hall until Leo told me :'(
Yeah I'm as stupid as that

Dinner buffet


Kevin's dad


and Me :)

Merry Christmas! I'm still thinking if I should go to the church on 25th, hmm...