Friday, December 19, 2008

Beautiful photos holders

Look what Kevin got for me?

"Hello, what are you?"

"I'm suparr Lovely photo albums!" ^^
Love it love it love it, I'm thinking to get more.. :)

And this one is called "Bearly there"

Okay, you know what I will do when I receive something I really like! ;)
I will...take lots of photos, hahaha
What a lame excuse :P

But I was really happy to have these :)

I bought this Choki Choki chocalate paste in Speedmart!
My sisters and I used to eat a lot of Choki Choki when we were in elementary school, it's not easy to find it in malls these days ^^
RM1 for 5 sticks...means 20 cents each.
What the heck, it was only 10 cents each many years ago...erm...okay, that was MANY years ago, hahaha

Miss those days...I really loved Choki Choki. But today I realized I've grown up, Choki Choki is no longer my favourite, it's too sweet

I shouldn't buy it, sometimes memories are to cherish, if you try so hard to get back to those days, you might be regret because the taste, the smell, the feelings are no longer the same. Then, you will realized time really change a man

What the heck

Okay, I still love Choki Choki after so many years