Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas is near

1 more week!
Christmas is coming in...7 days!

Oh my god oh my god! I'm still knitting the "thing" that I want to give Kevin on X'mas eve...hope no more delays of presents (like his birthday present on 2nd of Dec)

Anyway, these are some X'mas photos we recently took in Cineleisure Mall :)
Not much photos, only 12 in total and most of them are "repeated". Some photos are not too clear, but I still like them all, sometimes imagination is better than reality. Ahem, I mean, blur photos are good, I think, most of the people look nicer in blur photos, hahaha! :P

Wow...for me? :P

Definitely nope :P

What are you?

A X'mas tree! :D

See, I told you, the blur version is better :P

But...this angle again?

Kevin took these few photos from FAR, I mean, he was on 2nd floor (Actually not 2nd floor, he was in the platform to another floor), can't waste his effort, right right right?
So many excuses... :P

Darling and I

The happy couple :)

Santa Claus is coming to town...da da da da da daaaaaaaa...
Night! ^^