Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sweetheart's B'day celebration

Erm..actually we didn't do anything special last night, was kind of rush...we supposed to go to Philippines with his parents, brother and an aunt tomorrow, but, plan canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. Sigh...okay it's not a secret, his dad was in hospital for an operation, almost a week. Don't be worry, it's a small operation :) At first, the plan was still on, we go without his parents, but, last week, I got a call from my graduation falls on 7th of December which is this Sunday. Long story...

First, I knew it long ago, and I thought I would skip my graduation ceremony and go to Philippines instead. But Mr Anand told me my graduation ceremony should be next year (that was few months ago, it was a good news for me). But right before the submittion deadline of my thesis, I was told the graduation ceremony should be this year. But I still decided to go to Philippines and skip the ceremony.

Around 2 months ago I got a call from Erin my course mate, she told me our graduation ceremony is next year, we couldn't make it this year. And Wowwwweee, I was damned happy although she was kind of sad...BUT, after all these messes, I SHOULD BE joining the graduation this year because I submitted my thesis on September. Mr Anand made a mistake and he did make me very happy for a few months thinking I could have my trip and graduation ceremony together. It was kind of funny, don't you think so? Anyway he resigned and I was like...huh? He just left like this? fact he is a nice guy :)

BY THE WAY, 7th of December is a very special day,
1st, Joan's Japanese exam falls on the same day, she will not attend my big day,
2nd, Eling is going to Johor for friend's wedding on Sat and will stay there for a night, apparently she couldn't come,
3rd, it was Hue Ru's 3 years old birthday,
4th, my parents are going for a wedding dinner that night.

So, only my parents and Kevin will attend my graduation ceremony. Sigh...SIGH!!!
Hehehee, actually I'm not that sad :P I'm a little weird, I know

Ah, where am I?
Ooh, yeah...about Kevin's birthday.
Last night was kind of rush because we thought to change the date to Philippines to next year, any changes must be made 48 hours before the flight, for your information, we were holding Air Asia's tickets. Our flight is on 4th at 7am, that means we must go to the Air Asia counter in KL sentral to change it otherwise the tickets are considered "burnt". After we checked...we got to know we need to pay at least RM600 penalty for each person, because the tickets we bought were sold during their promotional period.

It was a waste of time, because we are not going to pay for that "godamn" RM3600 penalty for 6 persons (that's the minimum charges). Thus, I'm not going anywhere this December. I'm very sad sad sad :'(

If you wonder why I didn't intend to skip my graduation ceremony and go to Philippines instead, it was because Kevin's parents are not going and by the time I decided to still go to Philippines without his parents joining us, suddenly my phone rang and I got a call from college asking me to go to college and make things settled. So, I thought it was God who asked me to stay for my graduation otherwise I'll regret years later. :'(
Why, GOD WHY????????

God is right, I can always go to Philippines next year, or next next year, graduation ceremony is more important...

After KL sentral, we went to Bangsar Village for dinner. The only reason we went there was because it's very near to KL sentral and it was already 9:05pm. I thought to bring Kevin for a nice dinner, but it was too rush and I couldn't think of any nice places the last minute. My initial plan for dinner was in PJ.

Christmas decor in Bangsar Village...

So cuteeee

Can I eat you? :P

The birthday boy and I

I thought to treat him for a nice dinner, but...don't know why we chose this Hong Kong restaurant, Chatterbox. NO, I didn't mean this restaurant is bad, it's just...hey this kind of restaurant is no different than the restaurants we dine-in during our "normal dating days", I really thought we should have a romantic birthday dinner, hahaha

Ee, why so ugly?

Their foods are not bad...especially this X.O. seafood fried rice

This is my Chinese style Carbonara
Really cheesy, I couldn't finish it

And this is chili and salt fried pork

No cakes?
Hahaha :P

Who said no cakes?
Birthday celebration isn't complete without birthday cakes, unlike previous years, this year I only bought him 2 slices of cakes, I used to buy the whole cake for him. I'm stingy this year because my graduation ceremony costs me RM750! :'(
Went back to our office after dinner

Green Island (obviously it's green tea flavour, it's no cheaper than cakes from La Manila or Secret Recipe, it's RM10 for this small slice!), and Hazelnut paradise (something like that), and it's a hazelnuts cake...hahahaha :P

I just realized these 2 slices of cakes are still in the office's fridge, we only ate a bit last night, too full after the dinner in Chatterbox. Kevin was in KL office the whole day today, we thought to eat it together.

Me, photos with cakes :P

Ahhhh, I wanna eat you!!

Come on baby light my fire..

:))) least, a little romantic
Don't be too demanding! I'm not a romantic person

Photos of us two :)

I wanted to kiss him...wonder why he looked...scared?

Actually he was very happy :D

Make a wish, make a wish...

:D birthday present?

Who said?
Birthday cake comes with birthday present
I knitted a scarf for him..

Ooh's only half done, hahahahahaha!
At first I planned to knit him a vest for his birthday, but after 2 yarns I noticed the size wasn't right, so I re-knit again...I need at least 3 weeks for that, so last Sunday (3 days ago) I bought some yarns and knitted him this one, I will save the vest for this Christmas. Opps! Now he knows what he will get on his Christmas, hehee! ^^

It's really rare for a man to cam-whore...but here I present to you, the "camwhorinkevin" :P
Okay...okay, he was "half-forced" to do this :P



Hahaha, I like this one, he is a naughty boy


No it cannot be eaten!

Sleepy after a while..

Muacks, love you! ^^

Alright it's my turn :P
Photos of me knitting


Chia! :D

That's all for today, goodnight :))