Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jeffrey and Sharon's wedding dinner

In Flower Drum Banquet, again. I just attended Judee's wedding in the same restaurant hmmm...last month? I forgot :)

71 photos, wooot! ;)
28th November 2008

Our table

Bee Sim and her boyfriend

BC and her husband

My darling and I

Soon Peng and Pao Wah

Dearie Hwei Chen


Some of the dishes


Who will take this kind of photos?

Only Kevin will :P
Provided I'm his girlfriend

Jeffrey, the groom

Group photo

Huoy Shan (The bride) and I :)

"Wei, what are you girls doing?"

"I also want to take photo!" :P

Alright, a proper one

I swear, Hwei Chen is much more slimmer than this photo

Darling and I


Sigh...this entry is all about photos only, hope you are not bored ;)

Candid 1

Candid 2


Huoy Shan's family

Take 2

Group photo before we left

That's all for today :)



Dr V said...

Good fortune to the beautiful bride Sharon, and the handsome groom Jeffrey! I'm wishing them both the best the future can hold for a lucky couple.

Hwei Chen and I are next! As soon as she gets rid of her nuissance fiance. I can't be marrying a woman who's already engaged to another man. Come on! hahaha

Great photos of what appears to be a joyous event!

violetmay said...

Thank you Dr V, I will pass the message to the "Just Married" couple ^^

About my friend...hmmm, you can't do this, because she is mine, you can't fight with a lady. HAHAHAHAHA :P